The Benefits of Having A Running Mate

Tom Bilyeu joins Patrick Bet-David to talk about his journey starting his companies, the challenges that come with entrepreneurship and the benefits of having a running mate.

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18 Comments on “The Benefits of Having A Running Mate”

  1. So, here's the thing I see about religious partners.

    Having partners in a business, great. Having a religion that keeps your morals in check, also great.

    BUT, having partners with headbutting religions, NOT great.

    If you're going to have partners and your all going to have religions, try your best to find partners with the SAME religion as you so there's not all that clashing and to avoid a lot of disagreements and headaches.

  2. This is one of the most valuable short videos ever made, i'm not suprised because this is coming from Valuetainment.
    My question is this: Can i just keep my partner because of his expertise? because i have issues with getting him to understand my values, objectives for the business and exactly how well to always execute every business dealings. But he is very good at what he does and i need him…

  3. Stop I agree with everything he said except given his wife 50/50 contractually up front what the hell is the point of talking to your lawyer about that up front when they will get that anyways. I don't see the advantage of him doing that he should have let her get one-third because she did not build the company 50/50

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