The Ingredients for Success

Motivation Monday by Patrick Bet-David. In this episode he shares The Ingredients for Success in less than a minute. Subscribe for weekly updates

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35 Comments on “The Ingredients for Success”

  1. Fact 1:There are a loooot of motivational videos out there.
    Fact 2: PTB did a few.
    Fact 3: This one is much more better and worth more than those with the title "5 minutes for the next 50 years of your life/ world's best motivational speech".
    Fact 4: Quality over quantity, Patrick proved it.

  2. Me and my friend was talking on the phone, things escalated QUICKLY, now we have agreed to a challenge…
    who can earn the most money this week from a source outside our jobs. So in other words self-emploment type income working for ourselves… This video is good motivation for me to destroy this fool??

  3. Could you make a video on business models and maybe some of the things you considered when starting your company? That would be much appreciated 🙂

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