The Law And The Promise by Neville Goddard

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Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl
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39 Comments on “The Law And The Promise by Neville Goddard”

  1. Thank you ! Neville is a true Divining Disciple . In one of his audios he recommended for new students start with his book Resurrection ! Also rev.Ike recommended Neville book Resurrection special for those that want be good Visualization with deep feeling.

  2. Moon landings were faked. Water always remains level proving we don't live on a globe. We are special and divine. Evolution and big bang is a way to hide god.

  3. You guys are my people, I love you guys so much. Thank you for sharing the Boss of earth and his work Neville Goddard touches the soul of man, he was manifested God in mans body. I love you. Have a beautiful day.

  4. How do you rewrite the meaning? Use pen and paper and write out how it could have occurred in a more favorable way? Or you just write down what you think the positive result is as a result of the circumstance?

  5. I’ve been with Neville for about 2 years. Manifested a lot of wins Stumbled on your videos yesterday. I already love them. I’m gonna really dive into them deeply ….?

  6. Thank you, Joseph. Truly. For some reason, I heard what you're saying in a different way, a way that made an impact. Steongly so, that I immediately applied the act of revision. I found myself in tears some seconds in. I feel like I've been set free. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  7. Thank you dear one. You have increased my consciousness to dangerous levels. Now I can definitely see and feel the wealthy and free version of me.
    One thing you said in a video that helped a lot is about the power of the environment. I've always been surrounded by unsuccessful people, unhappy and selfish people. And most importantly by people who had no self awareness (therefore they had little to no wealth). I'm gonna work on this aspect of my life that I know matters a lot when it comes to success.
    Thanks again and pls post more videos.

  8. It seems to me that the environment plays major role to aid the wish fulfilled,. that is depending on the thing one wants to do and have success with, it is easier or faster to be manifested to an environment that supports it, that there is on a higher demand, or more usefull. Same goes with collective consciousness or way of thinking in some basic matters relative to the thing that wanted to be manifested. i.e. doing a business of a or b niche it is always better and faster to be manifested in a supportive environment for business, and even more supportive to this nice or profession
    to cut the long story short, one can sell water to Sahara easier than selling cheese cakes

  9. Hi Alex – I've been a fan of Neville for a few years now. Your study guides are insightful and 'next level'. Thank you for sharing personal stories about your journey, too – they're so encouraging. I think you're absolutely the best for what you're doing to help people. I appreciate you and may God continue to bless you with happiness & success.

  10. Yes, hell yes! I’m still with you Mr. Rodrigues, and I recommend you to anyone who even appears to be listening; furthermore, after hours of listening to you I’m beginning to learn, eg. I’m hearing what I’m thinking of others and situations then flipping it to an interpretation that supports my goal.This video is like the straw that broke the camels back; currently my favorite and I’ll be listening to it a lot. Thank You!

  11. The Bible is THE TRUTH! God is Father-God, Son– KING JESUS, and HOLY SPIRIT!!! They hv names, titles. Not "the field" and 'higher power'. It's just rude!

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