The Majority Fear This

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40 Comments on “The Majority Fear This”

  1. Dude, PBD, I can't believe you said this! I've been on a crusade the last few weeks telling my leader friends to be SHAMELESS. Yes! With a good heart. Yes.

  2. Yes it's highly illogical to be concerned with what people think. If you know you're a good and decent person then you are. there is so much misinformation in the current world. not enough people are using their own logic and believe what they are told.

  3. Yup, Non Sense Leaders are all what we have in our countries…But yea great Job Patrick Respect from Africa – Morocco.

    Please Like this up so that Valuetainment recognize that it has Subscribers from Africa!

  4. They all have their own unique style of doing things in their own way which should be respected! Oh and that pineapple hamburger that failed is very popular at Backyard Burgers they added wostershire sauce to it the missing ingredient and its delicious!???

  5. Pat,
    I thank you for the great information you provide it has inspired me to that leap into my side hustle business. This week I formed Marlis Press, establish it as a L.L.C it has taken me about 51 years but I never gave up on my dream of being a professional cartoonist. I am using Marlis Press as a way to self published my graphic novels.

    All the best Pat

  6. I agree with this , but there is a fear I'm having a hard time overcoming, and that is My kids.
    I have an idea to start a business but with the change, chances I would have to take , and just how much life will change if I succeed are all fears.
    But I have very little doubt that my ideas would work ,
    And would help change a lot if people's lives

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