The Millionaire Fastlane by M.J. DeMarco (Study Notes)

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32 Comments on “The Millionaire Fastlane by M.J. DeMarco (Study Notes)”

  1. A major thing about mj demarco that most people don't realise is that he started a website which didn't require a large upfront cost/cost to scale. That's why he was able to become a millionaire young and also have time freedom. He did this during the dot com boom. If you created a different type of fast lane business you might not reap the rewards until a later age in life because of the extra capital required. Also if you fail with a higher capital business and go bankrupt you could be financially ruined for a long time. This is why if you do want to become rich young like the book suggests you should look for a fastlane business idea that requires low unfront cost and preferably an online business.

  2. Yes…These videos are very valuable to viewers…But Joseph gets more out of them than any viewers because he has to read the book with FULL CONSCIOUS ATTENTION and take the time to distill an entire book into its MOST POWERFUL ideas….He's taking action, creating value and will enjoy the resulting benevolence….
    Some of these books with great ideas are drawn out with a bunch of junk filler pages to turn them into a full size book. I remember back in 1990 getting through "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" was laborious because it had SO MUCH unnecessary drawn out boring junk in there…..Five pages on each of the 7 Habits would have been MORE than sufficient….
    Many entrepreneurial people like Joseph know this and are doing these condensed "Reader's Digest" versions and making a living creating that value…

  3. The best way of putting this is. Don't tell the world what you going to do, show the world. The world will determine weather it's a winner or a loser product slash, service.

  4. Investing for retirement isn't motivating at all. I don't care about having my dream boat/house/whatever when I'm knocking on deaths door. I'd just as soon give it to my potential kids at that age.

  5. Well made video BUT with all due respect your analysis does not reflect the main teachings on the book. I read the book twice (including his new book “unscripted”) and you deviated 80 to 90% from it’s core teachings. We both know not even MJ DeMarco would agree. Pretty much you painted a different picture on top of the MonaLisa

  6. I thought you were the author of the book until I realised the authors don't do their own audios of their books. What a great breakdown and deep explanation. Absolutely fantastic and thanks very much from the bottom of my heart. This just strategised a few things nicely for us. Cheers bro.

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