The Mind of A Business Tycoon

Patrick Bet-David visits Detroit and shares a message about a successful business Tycoon you may have heard of. Subscribe for weekly updates

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28 Comments on “The Mind of A Business Tycoon”

  1. Let me see how I would do Valuetainment better?
    1.Get an iconic studio for the podcast like Tom Bileyeu or Brian Rose.
    2. Do more challenges with the viewers on this show … Think that would create a bigger impact… Challenges where PBD posts his results and keeps the tribe accountable.

  2. 'There's those who say nay and those who seek a way' … I realized long ago that any situation is but a result of an equation considering forces inherent to the environment in which the situation is occurring that are directly or indirectly responsibly for its outcome. And every of those forces has two extremes and the range of modulation in between them.

    Once all the forces relevant to one's scenario as well as the way of manipulating them are understood … that is when we can play gods and make any dream come true. o/

  3. The Rust Belt began collapsing long before NAFTA. The Fall of Detroit has nothing to do with Free Trade. Rather, it is a combination of Welfare State policies, Protectionism and Labor Union power.

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