The People You’ll Never Win Over

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29 Comments on “The People You’ll Never Win Over”

  1. It sounds like you're surprised you can't buy everyone's respect with money. I'm not sure why this is a revelation for you. Some have principles that are not related to your personal beliefs about wealth and success.

  2. I try not to see it as winning people over. I just look at every individual interaction as a transaction and a problem solving exercise. The person brings their stuff to the table (desires, expectations , actions, etc). This part is out of my control. My goal is to figure out what I can bring from my side so that in total the greatest amount of value is created on both sides. If I did that to the best of my ability then my job is done. It avoids having me think about who I’m winning over (or not) and playing stupid power games with people.

  3. We know these videos do not get a lot of views, but Patrick these no BS straight up distilled knowledge talks are really helpful for those who do not watch business and motivational videos for entertainment, people who are "actually" committed to their goals are also committed to watching these kind of videos. Please keep making these talks, thanks Patrick

  4. I may have to disagree. You may not be able to please everyone but the simple thing is just showing basic respect to everyone even if they don't reason with you instead of ignoring them. People who tend to be unreasonable may have a negative experience or expose to cause them to disagree to that subject in mind, either that or influence from friends or family. So, instead of ignoring them and only going to work with people who reason with you, try to understand their viewpoint on things sure they will probably still not agree but it is because from seeing things for different types of people you honestly learn more than just those who reason with you.

    But hey, this's just an advice from a pokemon fanboy so no need to take it too seriously.

  5. Ego and stubborness, of good people have gone broke and lost the one person that really ever loved them. Some people are not able to change, they would much rather lose it all.

  6. Patrick, lists of "tonality" and similar trait-lists are arbitrary. Might be helpful, but they don't really connect to underlying source in the psyche (or society, human-development, etc.) Therefore it is a methodology that needs to be obsoleted by something that does. Coming up..

  7. That video ALMOST made me tear up. What Patrick is talking about is so true BUT people like myself feel trapped. Its always hard to advance discussions. It would be nice to have at lest one person around me to go in to details and not just talk on the surface of things. I am an inventor and my mindset is always about what is under the surface of things. I can't stress the passion and love I have to brain storm about different perspectives in the advancement to improve an idea or an object. The people around me get upset thinking all I want to do is fight with them. And I confess. I am fighting with them. Ideas are a battle field but to me it is like breathing. Every mindset has the benefit of the doubt. I find myself being funded by a friend who is one of those people I dont feel I can win over. I mean money is one thing. The inventions speak for themselves but do I want to be linked with this person in business? Not really. So any one reading this, contact me if you are interested in going into business with me? Contact me. Just know that I want more then your money.

  8. When you can't win over family, the changes you make (positive) in your life start to show the flaws of those people. So frustrating. Beautiful video.

  9. When I was a no body everyone would be nice to me. I can relate to this because as soon as I began educating myself by attending a university many friends and family members gave their backs to me. Those same people started acting as if I owed them something in return.

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