The Power of Your Words as an Entrepreneur

The Power of Your Words as an Entrepreneur. Motivation Monday by Patrick Bet-David. Subscribe for weekly updates

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40 Comments on “The Power of Your Words as an Entrepreneur”

  1. Iraq will be one of the greatest the soonest just like Syria, Iran too .One world government is converted and rebuilding Syria, Iraq and helping Iran too . God is in control ! The war is ending the soonest !

  2. when i use that words is not good 🙂 im not compromised with anything but just in case dont put out the idiea our task

  3. Praise be Allah for Patrick. Love you brother. I think this man would be a great leader if a nation. Not because of his money, but the way he helps us with more then just business.

  4. This is great motivation but I believe in doing over talking. Let your success speak once you've achived your goal. Stay positive everyone!

  5. Hate this people who only want to coach and talk , but never built anything . Dislike big for you . Follow you for the past year and find that you’re just talking , very uncomfortable feeling.

  6. Superb Message Valuetainment Massive Massive Value, your channel is great Thanks for all your inspiration. One day we will be living in space! $

  7. One day I'm gonna get the help/maid pregnant and make a total arse of taking over the top TV show from Donald Trump.

  8. One day I watched a video you made. So glad I did, never disappointed, as a matter of fact quite the opposite always positive and that is what I need to hear.

  9. Martin Luther King was more or less a spokesperson for the movement who was selected at the right time for public appearances. There was a massive movement of other leaders within churches who were coordinating with lawyers on what was the right time and case to step in with a public figure.

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