The Price of Leadership

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48 Comments on “The Price of Leadership”

  1. People don’t understand that valuetainment was not supposed to be free content. That why you just watched for fun and think you guys are taking action fucking do what he say is taking action. Sorry for soft language you snowflakes. Fuck you and have a nice day 🙂

  2. I’ve learned that if you are a strong leader that is effective but not always likeable will eventually gain tremendous support when those that are led began to realize that they are completing goals…completing goals empower you with confidence and it helps to establish a positive identity.

  3. Great video… You should use a tripod to shoot, the video moves around and is especially noticeable on samsung hole punch phones…. Cheers

  4. He is a guy with a YT channel not a leader! Anyone can get idiots to subscribe to a channel in a world of 7.5 billion people.
    Hint learn how to pronounce the names you are citing!

  5. Yup makes sense. Though I'm usually nice early in the relationship, when things get serious it tends to be 50/50 like you said since I try not to be a jerk.

  6. I am sorry… I think it's a very wierd rule. The best leaders in my opinion are the ones who are respected and well liked. Not by just 50 % but by a clear majority.

    This rule sound like an excuse to sometimes be a jerk.

  7. Push people to improve. Many will like you because of it. Others will not like you because you are pushing them. That's okay a leader grows others, the only way do that is by pushing

  8. Leadership is capturing other people with energy, words and voice, and rallying them around a central ideology, vision or mission.

    Leadership is listening to others and hearing what they’re saying, then asking questions that challenge them to think differently, see new perspectives and gain new insights.

  9. It seems as if Patrick B. David was taking a lesson from himself on this one. Thank you for listening to the 50% that we need!

  10. Pat I know that in order to be a leader, you have to pay the price of people not liking you, however can you make a video on how to deal with the people that doesnt like you?

  11. Leadership isn’t about making everyone happy, and it is not always easy— At the end of the day, you can’t please everyone, but then again, that was never what it was all about in the first place.

  12. The $ of Leadership? SHOW UP! When I saw TRUMP unload food & water with his own hands B4 BARRACK touched down; well let's just say Donny you had me at New Orleans. Compassion 1st, since when?

  13. Most of us have one or two parents (or no parents) as role models of leadership. But most (all?) parents are not good leaders; just being a follower, which is hard enough.
    At the end of my life now, & I'm still wondering: how to be a leader?

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