The Ruthless Culture of Amazon

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49 Comments on “The Ruthless Culture of Amazon”

  1. They UNDERSTAND that HUMANS are TOOLS. If a tool breaks you replace it right??? And guess how many tools are on the market in 2019???

  2. They don’t care because why should they care? You are replaceable anyway. Anybody can flip burgers (McDonald), stacking stuffs (Retail/Warehouse), say a greeting (host/receptionist), etc. There are thousands of applications pending in the HR room. Stop the blaming. Make yourself better so you are less replaceable. Even something as small as obtaining a forklift operator license can boost your wage and value in the company. As ruthless as the working condition might be, try to learn their management systems and their operation, they are one of if not the most successful businesses in the world now so yeah when you walk out, at least you learnt something for your future endeavor.

  3. Jeff bezos needs to make the money he needs for alimony, that 38 billion for his poor oppressed ex-wife has gotta come from somewhere people.

    Surely u don't expect princess to learn to code or anything u horrid misogynists! She gave him vagina u know, 38 billion seems a fair price right!

  4. Guess this is a bad time for me to consider working at Amazon. But I suppose every large corporation is like this nowadays.

  5. I can't take someone who thinks Amazon has more data than Google seriously. That's plain stupid. Google search engine, android, YouTube and Google chrome anyone of which collects more data on their own then any other company. Second is possibly Facebook Inc or Apple.
    Please don't bring up AWS and services run on their coz that's not their data.

  6. Wow, a company that treats their employees like shit, does not pay taxes, and gets taxpayer money for government contracts. Kinda sounds like the Communist Party in China.

  7. These companies only need you giving all for 2 years, then you can be replaced by someone else giving all for the next 2 years. They certainly make sure the handover procedure is as perfect as possible. I have no idea how they can do this for high ranking roles though. It's not like with Chinese factories that just need a human resource to do 80 hours per week until it dies, and can then be replaced by another resource.

  8. Don't get mad at Amazon for pushing people to work. Get mad at the lazy people who take it upon themselves to order everything and their cousin online

  9. I canceled my Prime membership because they recently pulled important documentaries from their streaming video service. I use Amazon only if there's no alternative.

  10. fun fact: 3% of the general population scores very highly for psychopathy/sociopathy and other anti social personality disorders, in business and management positions the score is closer to 20-30%, and that increases as you go up the food chain

  11. Is any successful company not aggressive? Did anyone ever make it in this life not being tough? How many mistakes should someone make before they get canned?

  12. Very high demand job. I lost 30 pounds working there and never got written up so many times in one month for not pushing 400 units per hour instead I was pushing 300 units per hour. It's exhausting job. No brains to work there but u better be fast and have lots of energy. It's a gym that pays you to get the best body you can or you are out! Lol I left. Thanks for the body by Amazon though! 😉

  13. I'm in my mid-30s and interviewing next week at Amazon for a very high paying position… Does anyone with (credible) advice have anything to add for me to keep in mind? Is it worth it? Is it as bad as this guy makes it seems? Thanks for your help!

  14. I work at Amazon, and I can tell you firsthand that Amazon doesn't trust any of their employees, not even their managers. Everyone is closely monitored at all times. Virtually everyone's rate is closely monitored, and the few who are not, it's only because Amazon hasn't devised a way of doing so yet. They micro manage everything.

  15. They're biting me! Left and right and nothing is being done. Joey graceffa and Daniel chacon have raped my husband and they dont leave me alone they want to kill you as well this is why I left amazon. They say it's a show when is not! Please heed my warning before is to late! You need to heed my warning. I am not lying!! Joey graceffa rapes and is trying to take down everything, they're trying to turn me into a straight man, when I am a women. Do you not understand! They placed bombs in your vacancy in Hawthorne and messed up a van. They want to turn me into the kkk. Please heed my warning and talk with susan!! Before is too late.!

  16. Amazon has a performance report on every employee after each shift. The report is just one long list of names and every detail of your work day and how you did will be on there. If your on the bottom of that list for to long they will fire you. All the while, the work load is constantly increasing and you have to meet specific deadlines or your penalized. They take advantage of people just because they provide a living wage. They are no better than Mcdonalds. Mcdonalds is probably less boring too. LOL

  17. Lesson: Never deal with the devil.
    Translation: Never do anything to impede the Amazonian money flow. Or you WILL be made an example of. Mafia/Nazi-style.

    “The love of money is the root of ALL evil.” (We all know who said it. Nearly all just conveniently choose to ignore it) 🐑

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