The Seeds of Billionaire Inspiration

After a three day mastermind, Patrick shares The Seeds of Billionaire Inspiration from the BCBG Mansion in Beverly Hills. Subscribe for weekly videos

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29 Comments on “The Seeds of Billionaire Inspiration”

  1. Patrick Bet David is a Mossad agent! Sheep followers will always believe what he says. Most Billionaires are dual citizens from Israel. They print money to get rich. International Banking Hyenas!

  2. Thanks for sharing the big secret garden. Insightful observations. Inspiring and touching, knowing that you are still working hard for yourself and for the audience when I feel down. I realized my efforts aren't enough I call the hard feelings incomplete unfinished products. Thanks for the videos and thoughts of seed. <3

  3. Love it! Thank you for the encouragement and positive vibes, I'm at a place in my life where I am asking myself those questions and I want to transition to my next phase of my life. I need to hear your message today. Thank you!

  4. I wonder what those 29 questions were, i know thats not the point of this video tho, but the pattern of the questions that could be life changing…
    Like should I ask my self what are my goals? and whats the plan/path/strategy to get to them?

  5. Patrick I've been following you for sometime now, I just have to say your info and the way you come across is just tops ! you reach people (myself included of course) that other's don't with your style, thanks so much for the wisdom and passing on the knowledge, insights etc, God Bless! have a great year ahead! cheers from downunder..

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