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For those wondering, is WordPress scalable? The answer is no. True, a little strange in some ways, but there is hope. First you launch a product and think WP is a good short term solution, but suddenly the website explodes and there is no time to worry about the scalability of WordPress and develop a new one while the current one doesn't keep up with the crowd new customers every day.

Well, WP itself may not be scalable, but it is possible to scale WordPress by having AWS hosting WordPress. In this article we will tell how companies like OpsWorks Co. solve the eternal WP problem.

WordPress is not a judgment

WordPress is the most popular content management system. The scalability and flexibility of the website depend on several factors. These all need to be taken into account to ensure that your website works as expected. Your website needs to be prepared for bursts of traffic. If it's just your usual regular traffic, you need to configure your WordPress on AWS to handle drastic spikes without crashing your site. A slow site is repulsive to visitors, and an unavailable site is a notice that says “Don't come back here!”

You must have been busy marketing your products to customers so that they can shop online through your website. But when it is out of reach, all the efforts you may have expended and all resources expended are in vain. As the website grows, so must the resources allocated to it. It is done to ensure that it maintains its optimal operational efficiency.

Neglecting this essential factor can lead to your audience being lost to other sites that offer better services. Hence, for situations like this, it is important to prepare for the scalability of WordPress in advance to ensure that you are always ready to deal with unexpected growth. The scaling solution is to migrate WordPress to AWS. Do not be fooled. AWS, by itself, does not allow you to improve the user experience or reduce bounce rates. It requires some additional tools and techniques. It turned out that we have mastered this over the years and we look forward to sharing our experiences with you in this post.

Why scaling is important

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the web. Most users choose WordPress for its advantages and online capabilities. It's flexible for blog writing. With a good article, you are likely to destroy the internet. And when that moment of glory comes, you need to be prepared. Otherwise the end of the world could end with a lot of frustration.

For all website owners, there is one thing they must always be prepared for – it is unexpected traffic. How does increased traffic affect your website's performance if you're not prepared for it? Well, a sudden surge in traffic will cause the servers to become overloaded. As such, the website is slowing down. Who wants slow service providers? Nobody.

As the business grows, the server load will also increase. The additional load on the site is solved by the scalability of the web server to ensure smooth operation. Handling this is not as easy as it seems; Professional help is required to ensure that all processes are synchronized to provide exceptional service. This is where companies like OpsWorks Co. come in with solutions that will help you realize your dream by hosting WordPress on AWS.

It is also beneficial to have a scalable site. During times when the competition's website is underperforming, customers will migrate to you. This can occur when you have a better site that is prepared for such a surge with better WordPress scalability than the competition.

Customer pain

First of all, the requirements and processes grow with the location to ensure that optimal operation is not impaired. Solutions like purchasing additional servers can be expensive. Since they have to be purchased every time, the site exceeds the capacity of the available servers. As such, the company will always be overwhelmed.

The acquisition of more servers is not only expensive, but also leads to additional costs. This includes the maintenance and monitoring of these servers. This means maintenance engineers are required, which further increases company expenses. Without adequate scalability planning, the customer is at risk of a crash site. In addition, there is an increased risk of losing customers to competitors due to recurring downtime and slow loading of pages.

Managing a large WordPress site comes with a greater responsibility. In addition to worries about the scalability of WordPress, security concerns must be high on the list of priorities. The more it grows, the more visible it becomes, the more attractive it is to hackers. It is therefore of the utmost importance that the site is not exposed to these malicious attacks.

Ultimately, you can choose a scalable website hosting provider with security measures. So you don't have to worry about your website's security. At OpsWorks Co., they'll help you migrate the WordPress site to AWS. Companies also offer regular scans for potential threats. All platforms use the latest software versions with the latest security measures and extended protection functions. They also perform continuous monitoring to ensure that your website has no vulnerabilities.

Components to consider when scaling

There are a couple of things to analyze when making your decision on the scalability of WordPress. It is important to consider the size of the website, its goals, the traffic and the hosting of your website. Read on to find out how you can take these aspects into account and perform the scaling optimally.

Site specifications

The size of your site determines whether scalability is required. The larger the site, the more requests there are to be processed. In addition, the high traffic makes scalability a must when managing a large site. Even smaller but high traffic or that usually have traffic spikes require website scaling. It is intended to ensure that the site does not crash or slow down at profitable moments.

In addition, the complexity of your site will determine whether scaling is required. Websites with dynamic pages require complex solutions to keep them running smoothly and potential scaling solutions. Kubernetes and AWS are powerful platforms that can make your website or application more efficient. Therefore, it is necessary to host WordPress on AWS with Kubernetes implementation to take advantage of a scalable site.

Update your hosting

This is the most important factor as any other enhancements made to improve your website could be useless if you choose this option poorly. Also, the scalability of your site largely depends on the services offered by the hosting provider. You need to find a provider that has the skills to handle unexpected spikes and won't hold back the growth of the website. At OpsWorks Co. they host WordPress on AWS to ensure the maximum operational efficiency of your website.


WordPress alone can easily handle simple, low-traffic blogging sites. But as the site grows, so do the users. In this case, more resources are required to cope with the increase.

Hardware limitations

As with any application, its operational efficiency depends in part on its hardware. The server's processor limits determine how the increase in traffic is handled. Therefore, you need to make sure that your servers have enough power to handle unexpected spikes. This hardware limitation can be solved by WordPress hosting on AWS or even better – an AWS-based platform with Kubernetes on top.

Network restrictions

The hosting provider's network speed determines how fast your servers transfer files. Hence, you need to know the speed of your hosting provider to avoid any inconvenience. Network adapters have fixed speeds that are 10 Mbit / s, 100 Mbit / s, and 1 Gbit / s. In addition, the number of servers offered by your hosting provider increases the limits on transfer speeds because the network bandwidth has to be shared between the servers.

Vertical scalability

Vertical scaling websites acquire hardware with increased capabilities. The increasing CPU memory and RAM improve website speed and performance. It could temporarily solve the problem of smaller peaks, but larger traffic peaks require a more complex solution. If the traffic increases again, it will likely have a large bottleneck, which reduces the effectiveness.

OpsWorks Co. website scaling solution

One solution is an AWS-based platform with a Kubernetes cluster, database and scaling databases on top. Websites hosted on AWS for WordPress platforms avoid downtime. In addition, the client saves a lot, since no developers have to be hired and money has to be spent on additional servers.

Horizontal scaling

Vertical scaling usually has its own problems. Bottlenecks typically occur in vertically scaled configurations as the load increases. Instead, horizontally scalable web hosting is a more practical solution. It distributes the load across multiple nodes by distributing the traffic across multiple web servers. You can accomplish this by using WordPress' AWS hosting, which is a very efficient process.

Set up a CDN

A CDN is a collection of servers distributed around the world. They allow site content to be distributed to users near a particular server, which helps with WordPress scalability. For static websites, this is an excellent option as the load times dramatically reduce the delivery of content to viewers around the world in a flash, regardless of their geographic location. Well-known CDN providers include AWS, used by service providers such as OpsWorks Co. In addition, CDNs offer security and speed advantages.

A slow loading site increases the likelihood that requests will bounce. Bounce rates can increase by up to 38 percent. Over time, the website will accumulate various files and assets. As a result, it slows down and begins to lose customers.

In addition to caching and file optimization plugins, website speed can be increased significantly by implementing CDNs in your delivery network. It's a server that gathers all of your site's resources into a network of servers that are spread around the world. A user accessing your site will be served by the server that is geographically close to them. It enables users to access your website at increased speed. Hosting a WordPress site on AWS guarantees the customer all of the above WordPress scalability benefits and more.

Kubernetes on AWS

Kubernetes is modular software that was developed to orchestrate the function of separate containers in a unified service provider. And AWS is a cloud service provider that makes it possible to do all of your services online. Most of all, their combination saves the company the maintenance costs required to maintain physical servers. It also enables the company to use some of the cloud tools to increase the efficiency of service delivery.

By scaling WordPress to Kubernetes, there are numerous advantages that take site performance to a whole new level. First, there is the scalability of WordPress. Kubernetes can create numerous pods for the same process, so those numerous pods can load balance as the load increases. It's efficient, especially when the website is experiencing a sudden surge in traffic. The load balancing process ensures that the servers do not suffocate. In addition, the additional pods guarantee that the operating parameters of the clusters do not deviate from the set maximum efficiency range. This ensures the high availability of WordPress.

Kubernetes ensures the high availability of WordPress. This is achieved through the replication of pods. The replica pods serve as standby in the event that the control gear fails and take over the function immediately. This type of setup ensures that the site never crashes.

On-site updates are easy to implement when using Kubernetes. You only update a specific part of the site that is contained in a pod. The replication process ensures the normal operation of the site during updates. If the site is updated by changing the contents of a pod, the old pod is not deleted. Therefore, if the new update malfunctions, the old pod will take over with normal working conditions. It ensures that there is no downtime and that you can take care of the failed update and troubleshooting. Nothing is affected on the user side, as they can continue to access the information on the site as usual.

In addition, Kubernetes offers increased security. Kubernetes offers security functions on several levels, e.g. B. Cluster and Application. Therefore, running WordPress on AWS is more than secure against malicious attacks from hackers. As the site grows, so does its visibility, attracting all kinds of attacks. For this reason, you need to set up security functions to ensure that this does not occur.

Service companies such as OpsWorks Co. provide the tools necessary to ensure that all processes run as smoothly as possible while maintaining an environment for optimal WordPress scalability.

The profit

With OpsWorks Co. the customer gets increased visibility and thus his business can grow. As the site gets more users, the AWS for WordPress platform automatically adjusts its resources to meet demand to ensure the site does not affect its optimal operation. Regardless of the surge in traffic that occurs, your website's performance will not be affected in any way. It will make sure that you get all of the winnings. In addition, with a high-quality service you will be able to win customers from underperforming service providers.

AWS WordPress Hosting with OpsWorks Co. saves you a lot of expenses because you only pay for the services you use. There is no fixed amount. Therefore, on days with little traffic, you don't have to pay for what you haven't used. Both the horizontal and vertical WordPress scalability available on the AWS platform ensures that you are always up to date. With scalable WordPress hosting services, the customer enjoys a WordPress presence that is available around the clock with high availability. On top of that, you get the value for your money.

Carry out regular audits

Finally, we conduct regular content checks to ensure that it is not affecting the performance of your website. Audits will reveal the site's current weaknesses and strengths. This enables you to maximize the benefits and improve weaknesses. This will strengthen your market position as a reputable location and further develop your marketing strategy. Therefore, if you are tracking the site's performance, don't miss any valuable opportunities to improve WordPress scalability and reach new audiences.

Enjoy the best scalable WordPress hosting and automate your website with less effort!


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