The Whisky Trek: Hiking The Swiss Alps with Säntis Malt

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When you think of Switzerland the first thing that doesn’t come to mind is it’s Whiskies. Locher, one of the local Appenzell beer breweries, started making whisky back in 1999. In 2010, whisky expert Jim Murray named the Appenzeller Säntis Malt “Dreifaltigkeit” European Whisky of the Year.

The single malt whisky is named after mount Säntis, the highest peak within the Alpstein mountains in Appenzell.

After successfully selling their whisky in a few mountain inns, the idea of a whisky trek was born. Barrels of whisky were carried up the mountains to the 26 inns spread throughout the Alpstein. Thanks to the different barrels used, the height and climate situation of each inn, every whisky tastes different.

When you hike up to one or more of these mountain inns, you can reward yourself with a glass of this special whisky while enjoying the amazing views. You can also buy a small bottle (100 ml) to take home. Once you are there, you may want to ask the host, cask keeper, to show you the barrels.

Locher came up with two whisky tours that you can purchase at their shop. There is a short tour, which includes nine bottles, or the full tour, including all 26 bottles. With the purchase you will get a voucher booklet. At every mountain inn, you exchange one coupon for one small collector bottle at each location.

Some of the hikes are easier than others. If you are not familiar with the area, I would definitely check your planned route with the local tourist office before to make sure all paths are open and the level of difficulty is matching your current fitness level.

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  1. Jeff congrats. Huge fan of Quöllfrisch beer personally and never tried Säntis Malt. For me a suprise video, since I am often in the Appenzell but never heard about this. Just do it, I will soon too. What's the name of the gifted whiskey?

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