There’s A Growing Trend of Black Investors Forming Their Own Venture Capital Firms

Instead of following the Silicon Valley blueprint for seeding a startup, this thriving movement of minority angel investors are closing the wealth gap by funding black businesses.

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15 Comments on “There’s A Growing Trend of Black Investors Forming Their Own Venture Capital Firms”

  1. he just said that black black people make less money than white people do but black people wouldn't admit that they mostly live in ghettos to save their lives

  2. its about time.
    wonder how many calls on a daily basis these investors get to lend old heads from the hood money.

    and are they still considered black? because of vocabulary, net worth and mannerisms?

  3. this is where my mind is at, investing and making that good money put my kids thru college n take care of my mom. i rather wear cheap shoes vans or just cheap nikes n catch bus to n from work so i can get me these new car cuz once i have my car im set. i always see these DUMBASS PEOPLE (not just guys or teens) that spend all their money on these fucking shoes amd shit trying to look "swagged out" but dont have a fucking car.

  4. why is their only porch monkey news??? is it because they are more worthless than any other race???

  5. You can sum up this whole article by watching: pursuit of happiness. The movie about white men giving a black man a chance because he could fix a rubix cube in record time.

  6. Came to watch the video and thought about if there would be anything in the comments about it being 2k VC, instead it was just people bitching

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