Think Like A Grand Master Entrepreneur- 2019 Driven Keynote

Patrick Bet-Davids keynote in Long Beach, CA – Think Like A Grand Master Entrepreneur. At Driven 2019 a conference hosted by Albert Preciado and The Mortgage Guys, Patrick Bet-David shares how to plan your next moves as an entrepreneur. Subscribe for weekly updates

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31 Comments on “Think Like A Grand Master Entrepreneur- 2019 Driven Keynote”

  1. I just don't understand why people are not happy if someone else's succeeding. Be happy because that will give you the power to succeed as well. Just don't stop setting those goals. ?

  2. after seeing your videos about mafia bosses, i think that i can be the next tony montana, and then you asked for a escobar guy? well maybe a escobar is enough.

  3. Amazing to get this valuable info… amazing to be working in a company like Pats where we get these great knowledge and info where he has duplicated himself. Always good listening, learning and improving.

  4. This was super valuable. Thank you so much Patrick. Ive been a subscriber for awhile. Really love the fact that you were born in this era. Wouldnt know half the things I know now without this. Hopefully, i can make you proud soon.

  5. This Guy is an incredible sales guy…..he is able to use the tactics talked about in books…… gonna keep reading………love depth of your research

  6. I've grown to love systems / processes / patterns / logic over the years, tho' I'm not looking to build a business with it but to understand my mind instead.

    At risk of sounding insane I'll say that I have found the door to divinity and located the keyhole, I'm still missing to understand what the right key is to open it but I already know it's not a question of 'if' just 'when' do I step through that door. Then I'll have the complete understanding and control of the greatest tool known to men – the mind. And tho' I will still be limited in my physical abilities to those of human form I bear, in spirit I will become a god with unlimited, unleashed and unquestionable power to resolve any challenge and achieve any goal. Then… I can play with this world. Anyway, that's my plan.

    If indeed this sounds insane to you, you're probably one of those 'normal' people I never wanted to be like anyway, I've always longed to realize my full potential and so should you. o/

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