THROUGH ROUGH TIMES – Best Motivational Speech

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This is a speech by the inspirational Bishop TD Jakes. If you are going through rough times, this is the best motivational speech you can hear. Keep the faith and keep going. At the end of the tunnel, there is light. I hope this speech could motivate and inspire some of you to achieve success and accomplish your goals!

Credit & Full videos of Bishop TD Jakes:
TD Jakes – Defying the Urge to Quite Part 1

Defying The Urge To Quit – Part 2

Music Credit:
Secession Studios – TIME

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10 Comments on “THROUGH ROUGH TIMES – Best Motivational Speech”

  1. I wont give a dislike because you make great content out of anything and you do a great job with video editing.
    What I dont like in this is the bold guy who gives this speech.
    Never liked motivations like this where I feel it is hurting me and I cant go with the flow or take in the info like flowing water.Arnold is the best.

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