So you want to get more done? Here are the time management tips that have actually helped me (and my friend Chris Ducker!) get work done!


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  1. As a mum I can tell you all these things still work, it's just different. Motherhood should never stop you going after the life you want if anything it should be your motivation. Motherhood has sadly become very negative, I'm on a mission to change that!

  2. Social media used to be a huge time waster for me, personally. I didn’t realize how much time it was consuming, because I was doing it at 15-20 minutes at a time several points throughout the day.

    Ultimately, I decided to deactivate (almost) all my social media until I knew I could be responsible with it. It may sound a little drastic, but I can’t tell you how much it’s helped.

    I also have the policy that I’ll only binge watch YouTube videos when I’m doing something else productive (treadmill, washing dishes, etc.).

    Also – I’m going to try implementing calendar blocking and see how it goes!

  3. I have actually said no to a lot of things lately. But a calender is a must! Between my paper calender and my Google calender it helps me get it all done.

  4. I’m a mom of three, and over the last few months I’ve learned how much more I can get done when I block out my calendar. This was the only way I made sure I scheduled some me time initially. Then I started applying it to other aspects of my life and have found myself getting so much more done rather than getting sucked down a social media hole.

    Having kids can make it a little difficult to plan for things. You never know when they may get sent home from school due to illness, behavior problems, etc. so I generally try to schedule my most important activities and/or appts for first thing in the morning so the likelihood of them getting done is greater. I try to be done with all of my work and to-do list items by the time they get out of school so that I can then focus my attention on them. My kids are currently going through some things right now so my goal is to always prioritize them and tend to their needs first. I’m only about a month in but so far it’s been going well!

  5. Blocking out my time should definitely make all my goals possible. ?? I have beenwaking up at 5am for a week now. I liked it a lot!

  6. I really appreciate what you said in the video, but you literary wasted my time. you could've said the same thing in 5 minutes or less, but you chose to give it 13:00 minutes! please don't take this as hatred! this is just a remark I would you to take in, so next time try to shorten the video especially that the entire video was talking about the same method aka timeboxing, and this is a time management video. Anyways! Thank you so much!! I will definitely try time boxing and try to be more productive. I'm a college student and my aim is to finish the semester without pulling any all-nighter.

  7. Oh, loved this video! Especially, being a wife, I adore the part where he said that Fridays are for wife! And after 4pm he’s home with their son is sooo heartwarming and so inspiring!

  8. Why do I feel she's wasting my time and not divulging the main points sooner? I'm not trying to be funny here I do feel like the video could be compressed down to half.

  9. Hey Amy, loving your videos! I'm a content creator and virtual assistant, running my own biz from home, and I swear your helpful tips are changing my life!

  10. Does anyone here work a full time job? If you do, do you have any productivity tips? I'm trying to do the full time job thing and working artist thing at the same time. I'm having a lot of trouble working on everything I need to do in such a short period of time. (To put it in perspective, I do work exactly 40 hours a week.) Thank you if you're able to help.

  11. I really loved this, I like the way you explained the importance of this and also having someone else chime in.

  12. Alot of blah blah blah…. do this do that….Calendar this calendar that…. it doesnt work! You lazy you lazy!

  13. Lately I have started waking up at 5am every weekday. My relationship with God is very important to me so I needed extra time to spend in devotion. Also I wanted to get my workouts to become more consistent so I can lose a little weight and, more importantly, get stronger. I'm a full time college student in my 3rd year with 2 jobs. I feel like waking up early has increased my productivity and I feel better because I'm doing the things I want to do first and then focusing on what I have to do for the rest of the day. I feel way more motivated to get things done for the rest of the day now!

    Your videos are awesome by the way! Very practical tips! Thank you!

  14. i struggle with actually doing the things I plan to do…I try to plan stuff and then it just never gets done…maybe I'm just being lazy and unmotivated?

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