Time Management Tips – Working Mom Life Hacks – How to Make Time for Everything And Get Stuff Done

I’m sharing the time management tips that I use as a working mom to help me get stuff done and find work life balance. It’s not easy figuring out how to make time for everything, but these life hacks can help!

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25 Comments on “Time Management Tips – Working Mom Life Hacks – How to Make Time for Everything And Get Stuff Done”

  1. I also love prioritizing small automated tasks (like starting laundry) and then going on with my life and more important tasks. But all the tips you have mentioned are so good and helpful!!!

  2. My ears perked up when you said you’re an attorney. I’m a 3L and feel like having a 3 month old baby and getting it ALL done is damn near impossible.

  3. thank you for this, you are so poised and pretty. I enjoyed this especially the comment about buying back your time. I feel funny hiring a cleaning person and only do so on special occasions, but its certainly a time saver!!

  4. What kind of law do you practice? I’m an attorney too just curious how you manage to balance everything.

  5. AHHHHH! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!?! Seriously have felt overwhelmed lately because I do most of the household things and then I am exhausted by end of the day. I think all your advice is what people already know, but they need to hear it in a concise and practical manner. The way you give personal examples of the general concept makes it easy to understand and see how can apply it in your own life. I am subscribing now. Love you!

  6. Love the minimalist tip! Makes so much sense. And I’m a huge fan of Amazon Subscribe and Save! I wish I used it when my son was an infant. This is my 1st time watching your video. Loved it!

  7. I've heard all of these tips before, but it was so great to have it in one video and with specific examples. Thank you ?

  8. On busy evenings, about once a week, we do breakfast or dinner. A big pan if scrambled eggs takes 5 minutes for a family of 6.Frozen waffles in the toaster and breakfast sausage on the stove take even less time. Cheap and yummy.

  9. Lol. Almost every weekend is a "veg" weekend for us. We try to get everything done during the week and really enjoy Saturdays and Sundays after church.

  10. The perfect video I needed this ❤️ 5 months into motherhood and I feel like I can’t do everything ): these are amazing tips! Gonna start meal prep for sure!!

  11. I loved this! I'm a mom of two young babes and work full time and am actively looking for ways to improve our lives… added this to my "self improvement" playlist!! Very helpful, thanks for encouragement! Xx

  12. Definitely needed this uplifting video! Thank you for sharing your wonderful and useful tips. Sometimes I feel it’s too much to handle. Thanks again! ❤️

  13. so curious to hear about how you do: I am a lawyer, mom, blogger and… youtuber to be! 😀

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