Tony Robbins – Creating Unstoppable Self-Confidence – Psychology audiobook

Tony Robbins – Creating Unstoppable Self-Confidence – Free psychology audiobooks. Health Success Motivation & Inspiration

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17 Comments on “Tony Robbins – Creating Unstoppable Self-Confidence – Psychology audiobook”

  1. 37:56 would you please stop what you doing right know … I'm sitting on the toilet :))))) sorry Tony not gonna happen

  2. The amount of bullshit in these "motivational speakers" or charlatans like I call them, is seriously out of the charts.

  3. If you don't want to be the monkey in the cage with all the squares shocking you, you better listen to Tony! heheheh

  4. I tried to listen to this, but there's so much more to peoples mental states and attitudes than this offers. I mean, If I was a fool who just gave into any loud talker who seems funny and somewhat knowledgeable, this would work. These people do live off of easily influenced people, as does just about every speaker on all levels and fields on this world

  5. Tony, I find that I constantly leave myself open to self-sabotage by creating very predictable passwords that my co-workers can easily guess. Who knew "ILoveWieners" was so common.

  6. I love it but who is ready for a new voiceover? To create your own story please contact Burning Creative at and apply on the business exchange button I love this track but after pain you have to take a risk and drive things forward otherwise after you let go some of the negative you have to slowly indulge yourself to understand what positivity as an emotion feels like again. Slowly this habit of making the same choices over and over that continuously inflict harm goes away. Commit yourself to something positive and remember to ask yourself each and every day when you get out of bed "what have you done today to make you feel prouder?" love yourself don't regret yourself and go get yourself to live your true self the self you were meant to become. Get out of bed and take the time to love yourself and advance yourself to the fullest. Stop inflicting the pain or letting the same pain come back into your life. Make the brain change its structure to think with both sides and become same or as one inside yourself and when that matches the same person equally that is true love. It is never odd but truly even and when two becomes one that is the truth and the truth is love.

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  8. This is amazing and speaks to me on so many levels. I’m going to start re-wirring my brain. Thank you!

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