Tony Robbins: Psychology of Wealth Thinking (Tony Robbins Motivation)

Tony Robbins: Psychology of Wealth Thinking (Tony Robbins Motivation)
Tony Robbins has accumulated a fortune with his best-selling books and popular self-help seminars. WealthX estimates that he’s worth at least $440 million.

But if you asked the motivational speaker and author to pinpoint when he truly made it, he would tell you about a day when he was living in a 400-square-foot bachelor apartment, deeply in debt, down to his last $21 or $22 dollars, and pondering how he was going to feed himself.

On Farnoosh Torabi’s “So Money” podcast, Robbins described the day he became “a wealthy man,” which started with him walking three miles to an all-you-can-eat restaurant called El Torito so he could “load up for the winter” off of five dollars.

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25 Comments on “Tony Robbins: Psychology of Wealth Thinking (Tony Robbins Motivation)”

  1. So what the fuck has Tony Robbins actually accomplished besides talking about accomplishing shit and selling a "system" to the gullible who are looking for a silver bullet?

  2. Financial-Freedom for me is being able to quit my part-time job, as well as buy my own-home, purchase my own vehicle once I have a driver's license, maybe live in larger-cities like Seattle, San-Francisco or Los-Angeles to pursue a career in Videogame-Development, that is if I like those three aforementioned-cities well-enough. All of those things.

  3. TONY ROBBINS is my FRIEND. I am so grateful for his wisdom. I appreciate his feel good state. I am grateful that he is helping people like me, giving his wisdom. X

  4. I love surrounding myself with like minded people.. So nice to see others enjoying his videos too ♥

  5. Would be awesome if you can post more Tony' content with real intervention at the seminar with attendees. Love real interaction.

  6. Tony is a good talker and I like him, but  doesn't bring up realistic obstacles a lot. Such as physical limitations, some thing he doesn't have to deal with, taking care of family, something he can pay someone else to do. Living in the wrong place to make your dreams happen. Things that really tie people down. My friend thinks she's going to be a famous actress at age 45  with extremely limited acting experience, even though no ones ever heard of her and this delusion (sorry to admit) is preventing her from getting a real job and she's almost homeless. It's not enough to say if you believe it, you can achieve it. There are real limitations for people. Being successful at young age makes some people think oh anyone can do it. Really? Seriously? Maybe you just got lucky dude.

  7. Awesome video learn about getting the wealth you have always wanted. This program combine LAW OF ATTRACTION, ACTION PLAN, MOTIVATION to get the lifestyle that average population still thinks of in thier dreams. You can change your mindsets, plant the seed of mindsets millionaire.

  8. Are you an optimistic dreamer or pessimistic realist? Wealth thinking is about pushing yourself to grow, learn and earn!

  9. Absolutely nothing Tony says makes any sense to me at all. I understand his words but his meaning totally escapes me. I just don't understand any of it. I guess I'm just stupid.

  10. I'm ending 2017 with gaining wisdom from Tony Robbins and like minded people. 2018 is going to be wealthy year for myself and others. Change your mindset and change your position in life.

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