Top Web Design Mistakes Small and Large Businesses Make – Web Design Tips –

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Entrepreneur columnist, Author and online consultant Mikal Belicove outlines common small and large business web design mistakes that can hinder positive customer interactions and offers web design tips to avoid those mistakes. He covers websites in Flash, HTML5, website customer service, company about us, and building customer trust.

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11 Comments on “Top Web Design Mistakes Small and Large Businesses Make – Web Design Tips –”

  1. Flash is also known to take down a browser when it stops responding as
    well. Best use for flash is just for animated video and definitively not
    for core functions of a web site. Clients always ask about flash until you
    detail out the reasons not to use it but even then some clients insist on
    flash at which time I have to send them some place else. I haven’t updated
    my flash knowledge since early 2000

  2. tip 6: edit tthe video so it doesn’t run a black screen for over a minute
    when the talking as finished hehe

  3. I dunno its 2012 and Ive been on the heaviest flash websites and they take
    like 5 seconds to load im not worried about people who cant wait 5 seconds

  4. In my statistics, new users who first load slow pages (over two seconds)
    rather than fast ones (under a second) are less likely to do anything on my
    sites… I think you’d be a fool to accept five-second load times.

  5. Limitations of flash are many,search engine can’t read flash content so no
    SEO benefit. Devices need a flash player to run the content.

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