Type A Personality Explained

There are many Temptations Type “A” personalities have to deal with. In this video Patrick Bet-David talks about the 14 temptations type “A” personalities have to look out for. Subscribe to Valuetainment for new uploads:

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28 Comments on “Type A Personality Explained”

  1. I disagree with the concept of Type A/B personalities. It's too simplistic, the Big 4 Traits is a much better model. Regardless though, you're on-point with some of these tips.

  2. I’m a valuetainment fan, but Type A, or Alpha personality is jail house lawyering meets quackery. It’s the product of toxic pseudoscience.

    Alpha is a reference to the wolf who leads the pack. You know, the top dog. An alpha wolf is so secure in their abilities they openly accept others strengths and they will relinquish their alpha status to another wolf with superior skill in a particular hunt. They are not the strongest, fastest, or the oldest and wisest. The Alpha’s humility is only rivaled by love for his pack. It’s true the true alpha always eats first, but that’s out of respect, not fear. The wolves who follow them do it because they trust their alpha will protect them with his life and keep them fed.

    The Alpha empower others to lead when their skill is insufficient, and put their weakest in the lead to set the pace for the pack. They bring up the rear so they can observe their pack as a whole and so they can command their forces to conserve energy. There’s nothing more demonstrative of great leadership than a wolf pack.

    My point is that you want to be the Alpha, not the Beta who’s trying to convince themselves they’re the alpha.

  3. Thanks you so much Patrick for all the efforts and your valuable work.
    I have a stupid question if you can answer it in the next video.
    My question is " why you cut your hair so short is it also important to become entrepreneur??

  4. I’m chill in demeanour but have the work ethic and ambition of type A. I also used to be pure type A tho

  5. My job use a system called Top Grading for their interview process where they look for Type A people. I some how got the position not really knowing what a type A personality is. All I thought was cool. Looking at this video I feel like a real dick of a person.

  6. I'm a type A personality but after watching to #2 I stop. Because I'm not that aggressive or overbearing. Which means you are dealing with the extreme case scenarios

  7. I really Dig Patrick's content, info and advice, and he seems like a good dude, but if you watched the absolute beginning of this video, which is also telling, he starts it with a Satanic Hex; throwing the "goat" or devil's horns. And what's really weird because I noticed just yesterday the thumbnail for the "10 Enemies of Success" video, and it's him 100% doing the Jay-Z / everyone in Hollywood, hand pyramid with one "all seeing eye looking through it and was like, "Bing. What's this guy doing that shit for?" Not a hand signal anyone's EVER just kind of done without premeditation. And I'm certain I could easily find more Satanic pose / hand gestures, the 666 "okay sign" without too much bother. So what's the deal? I hate thinking everybody's in the "Illuminati" or "The Big Club" where Lady Gaga and Oprah eat aborted fetuses, but it sure looks and walks like a duck.

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