Venture Giants Review: Success Story £100k startup funding raised and Venture Giants Endorsement

A startup looking for investors listed their investment proposal on Venture Giants and an investor made contact and funded his proposal with £100,00 of Angel Investment. The entrepreneurs also provided a Venture Giants Endorsement.

This video is a recording of the phone conversation and phone interview.

The premise of the idea was to develop a base and mobile application platform which would allow customers to search compare and book any service they may need at home.

The Entrepreneur was looking to raise £250,000 and the investor that contacted him on the Venture Giants platform agreed to invest £100,000 including mobile app development, marketing and mentorship – all included.

Why did the entrepreneur choose Venture Giants over Crowd Funding?

I was doing online research and looking at the different options – saw an article that mentioned Venture Giants particularly, there was a lot of positive press and feedback about VGS.

I had a look on the website – everything was very clearly laid out, and explained very well. It was a very simple and easy process to follow, and that was the main appeal.

Fantastic dealing with their entrepreneur team – I had no complaints. I particularly liked that once I had created my proposal, there was a lot of communication in regards to who my proposal was seen by and it was a very positive experience.

What was it like dealing with the Angel investors that contacted him from from Venture Giants?

Fantastic – proposal put out in the evening, the next morning the current investor approached me. Being able to communicate directly on the platform, we set up Skype interviews and face to face meetings. It has been plain-sailing.