Wartime vs Peacetime Leaders- Who’s Needed Today?

Wartime vs Peacetime Leaders- Who’s Needed Today? Patrick Bet-David explains the significant difference and defines the two. Get the shirt link – text: Leader to 310.340.1132 (US Only)

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38 Comments on “Wartime vs Peacetime Leaders- Who’s Needed Today?”

  1. Jesus Christ is resting in Melbourne Australia and he's building the third temple in Jerusalem out of his own money and own it. Humans not needed.

  2. Valuetainment can you talk about how and why Western Countries sent all their companies to China and so does China own those companies now? And why is it hard to bring those companies back?

  3. Patrick, thank you so much for this content. I'm from Brazil and I have been following you for a while now.

    I was privileged to learn English and for that I can follow english speaking creators. But, many Brazilians can't.

    Many times I would like to share your content with my network but most of them can't follow what you are saying. Would it be possible for your team to create subtitles in Portuguese? If there is any way I could help you with that as well, count me in.

    Thank you.

  4. Just a wartime employee working for a peacetime employer. Take forever to make a decision but expect you to snap to when there is a fire to put out. Makes for very low morale.

  5. Every 5-10 something BAD happens because of white people. Period. Keep them out of power PERMANENTLY and the world will become a better place

  6. Yeah but put street fighter in ring with a mediocre ufc fighter he'll get his ass kicked why because the ufc fighter knows all the techniques, and stuff. So it helps to have bothe experiene and the right coaching and education.

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  9. Bravo 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍This one of the BEST video's i've seen & learnt from👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Thank You Mr.Pat.

  10. Hi Pat i coud not Oder THE wartime leader t-shirt becous i live in Sweden what DO i DO to get it thanks for your video i Love THE Evert Times it is inredning staff thanks you for that i lern norr from you Evert Times and My namn is fathi salih

  11. he put it nice , i call it snakes ,pussies "peacetime" vs alpha real wise "wartime" im a wartime when my house flooded and water was rising up around i didnt call the cops or some shit i mobilize calm my panic attack sister down carry my grandma reassured my mother things are gonna be ok and we all got out great and safe .

  12. Great content!
    Also, Patrick, if you don't mind answering a rather simple question:

    The Handshake was the cornerstone of business for hundreds of years. In the post covid world, people may not return to a handshake.

    Nothing has had so much scrutiny as handshakes when it comes to first impressions and introductions.

    So I'd love to know your thoughts on the elbow? What's the equivalent to a firm handshake? How would you stand and present your elbow for others? What angle would be respectable without being aggressive?

    If there's anyone who should start this discussion, it's you. Your advice is always solid, and you understand not only business, but PEOPLE.
    Thank you for all the great content!

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