Watch and Learn From This Startup’s Pitch to VC Tim Draper

It takes more than a fantastic idea, traction and a killer management team to grab the attention of high-powered VCs. Watch as tagMap, which produces a social-networking app that brings people together based on common interests, presents its idea to Tim Draper, the noted Silicon Valley VC and co-founder of venture firm DFJ, and decide for yourself if the company’s a worth-while investment.

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21 Comments on “Watch and Learn From This Startup’s Pitch to VC Tim Draper”

  1. very hypocritical. The purpose is "to find other volley ball player" but revenue is going to come from businesses? So the core principal of this app is for non-consumer based engagement such as finding like-minded people for a game or a coffee meetup. Are they now saying that they want this app to also be used to find local businesses? Now you have a whole NEW list of competitors (i.e. Google). LOL your business model does not work very well as is. You must address the revenue-generating side of it.

  2. great video cant wait to check out the rest this is very useful we'll all learn a lot from these thanks.

  3. if i held this presentation at uni for my enterprise class i think i would have gotten about 50-55%. Clearly the company isn't gonna make bank from the golden pins.

  4. "Only people you like/bookmark can see you" – that limits you to a closed network though, you can't ever meet new people which seems like the problem you're trying to solve. Also to limit people from tagging volleyball and trying to sell it instead of play it.. you could add a report button this eliminates people misusing the system put in place. All these problems are pretty simple to solve and I feel like it would be hard to convince an Angel/VC on the value of it.

  5. The design of his prototype sucks … typical engineer mentality thinking they can get away with angel or VC funding having a crappy MVP and an even worse presentation.

  6. Seems they were failing to answer the only question that matters. How does this thing make money? I would call that a pretty poor presentation.

  7. I can do this, i can do that. This is whats happening this week, this is whats happening next week. 'Apparently' my market that i know a lot about buy this thing for some reason, 'apparently'. Very rude, very arrogant about his market, not prepared to admit any faults.

  8. Good Vid, nice to hear feedback on a modern business model from Mr. Draper. This plan definitely could make some traction with the right support system driving it. Egor shows a lot of knowledge of how to manage the system, looks like all he needs are some business minded associates to really land the deal with the VC's. 

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