Watch These Entrepreneurs Pitch Their Startups to Judges from Techstars and AlleyNYC

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Pitch Lineup:
0:14 Eran Eyal | Springleap | @Springleap
10:09 Anne Kavanagh | MatchPad | @matchpadnyc
21:33 Andrew Nicol | TripExpert | @tripexpert
24:16 Emily Hughes | TripExpert | @tripexpert
33:10 Alon Gorbonos | Prooffix | @Prooffix
41:15 Zoltan Szalas | Croissant | @GetCroissant
49:08 Suyog Mody | Driftaway Coffee | @driftawaycoffee
51:13 Anu Menon | Driftaway Coffee | @driftawaycoffee
1:00:32 Jay Reno | Happy Any Hour | @happyanyhour

7:27 Jason Saltzman | CEO & Co-founder | AlleyNYC | @SaltzmanJason
7:47 Jay Levy | Co-Founder & Partner | Zelkova Ventures | @ZelkovaVC
8:43 KJ Singh | Director | Techstars NYC | @KJSNYC
18:27 Raymond Hennessey | Editorial Director | Entrepreneur Media | @Hennesseyedit

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26 Comments on “Watch These Entrepreneurs Pitch Their Startups to Judges from Techstars and AlleyNYC”

  1. I got funded by lutherangrants ,com They f**king awarded me a grant of $30,000 for my business

  2. I had a job once watching Paint Dry! Really…Bus Stop benches….That was a lot more exciting than this shit!

  3. Why doesn't the fat cow in the suit hand the Mic to the guy in love with himself at around 30 minutes?

  4. Need to allow scores to be aggregated by distance/ location/ gender, etc

  5. See more startup pitches on our channel. Especially if you want to see lots of them from South East Asia and Silicon Valley!

  6. Sooooo….coming up with ways to make people spend money on things they don't need….girl, bye.

  7. A decade back we had all these startups in India. It seems these were only new in the US/NYC back in 2015.
    These people are not doing anything innovating. They are just taking an existing concept to a higher level, but that doesn't necessarily add value to their customer's lives. They are opening 'just another brand' for the same products.

  8. First presentation made a mistake in the first step imho. Started with telling rather than showing which immediately lost my interest. Founders, PLEASE DONT DO THIS 🙂

  9. Hello Entreprenuer,may i get a contact so we can pitch our ideas from Uganda,East Africa

  10. How in the world did you get this presentation job? You guys need to hire someone who can really speak in connect with the crowd.

  11. Andrew Nicol never got intellectual property right approval to use the research from travel guides such as, Frommer's, Concierge, etc… The 60 aggregated sources were not consulted about the use of their copyrighted information. Also, the balloon logo on Trip Expert most likely will fail to receive a watermark from the Federal government because the Hot Air Balloon is too a well known logo. Nicol lacks the credibility and the creativity. It's kinda like how if you go to a restaurant and you expect employees to wash their hands, you shouldn't have to be the owner of a well respected travel guide and ask people not to aggregate the copyrighted, intellectual property rights. By the way, the travel guides used by Nicol, came from hardworking, decent employees that were paid for their travel writings. So when, Trip Expert comes along and uses the data without reimbursing the companies, then one wonder the business mentality. As you know, there is really nothing for free. By the way, the lack of originality to come up with a name, Trip Expert which is so close to Trip Advisor lacks the creative edge.

  12. This videographer keeps panning to the judges and crowd and staying focused on them for an extreme amount of time making it distracting for the viewer and what looks to be awkward and uncomfortable for that judge / audience member. Entrepreneur, hire a better videographer it's a pretty easy job.

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