23 Comments on “Waterfall Software Life Cycle Model Features and Risks Software Engineering Tutorial”

  1. The greatest video that explains the Waterfall Software Model. Clear and understandable. Thank You.

  2. I noticed this too. Great vid, but i would prefer a more rounded explanation of the whole cycle.

  3. You stuck on requirements for the whole video. Was the video wasn't meant to actually teach about all the aspects of the waterfall approach or not so?

  4. Great video, thanks dude. Music sounds like some sort of 'Game Over' tune from a NES game though 😛

  5. Excellent video! I've been using Waterfall for over 20 years and found myself nodding and saying "yup" the whole way through! very well done!

  6. Thanks for the feedback! Our UML videos are among the most popular of all our uploads. Please type "bidwx UML" in the search box to see them, or go to our channel by clicking on the channel link (click on bidwx). There is a UML playlist there with videos on use cases, activity diagrams, and many others.

  7. This a nice video please upload some more with different systems analysis and showing how to make Daigrams, UML, Data Maodel and flow charts

  8. @sirkhalid In how many of those projects did the team never have to change the approved output from a previous phase? Was design never revisited during development or the requirements completed and never revised after passing the requirements complete milestone? If so, waterfall may not have been the least costly option. I am strongly in favor of iterative life cycles for large, complex projects, for the main purpose of reducing risk in areas such as schedule and quality.

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