Wayne Gretzky: The Demands of Being the Greatest of All Time ?

The Demands of Being the Greatest of All Time. Interview with NHL Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky. Watch, share and subscribe to Valuetainment

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26 Comments on “Wayne Gretzky: The Demands of Being the Greatest of All Time ?”

  1. What a promotion my friend… Freaking awesome, absolutely awesome… I absolutely love the interview and the originality Pat… what a humble man, that's what I'm talking about my friend… awesome interview Pat, awesome… DISCIPLINE is the mother of skill… Discipline is the mother of mastery. I love it! I am an entrepreneur! Straight up!

  2. I could listen to Mr. Gretzky All Day ! He speaks in a way that can be understood by all walks of life. I like that.
    Sometimes people talk using terminology that you feel you need a dictionary at hand to understand them. Depending on the topic I'll usually lose interest and move on. But this guy here uses language that keeps you interested to wanna know more. Including his examples of different story story topics. He hits on a little of everything. Variety is good.
    GOOD JOB VALUETAINMENT ON THIS VIDEO. I'm only at 17:18 of the video and felt the need to give my opinion. Thank you to Mr. Wayne Gretzky for sharing his time and stories with us.

  3. Here we go again… I'm stopping at 27:53 because this topic is Very Very Very IMPORTANT to me and hits real close to home as a mom of five. I feel it's important for more people to know that SPORTS IS LIFE. MY SON IS PROOF. He was born in 1999 and soon turning 19 on 5/5. Born very sick needing a life saving open heart surgery. Walking at 9 months. Throwing eggs at 5 a.m at kitchen walls when he didn't have a ball or hot wheels. I knew then he was going going to carry out my dream as a young girl. Lots of kids playing sports. That was 2 things I lacked as a young girl. Only child and because of legs my sports was cut short. AFTER his open heart surgery I was told he will never get to do things normal boys do and absolutely no contact sports and so on. I didnt agree. I went against what I was told because my son showed signs that he loved playing and watching sports around the house. I knew in my heart that him doing something he loved would keep him alive. People didn't agree with me. Told me I was selfish and making a big mistake. I was asked by my higher up if I'd be able to live with myself if my son were to die while playing. My answer was simple. Yes I'd be ok. Why… Because then I know my son died doing something he loved. And I BELIEVE with all my heart that it's why he is alive today. If I had prevented him his health would have gotten worse and he would have died without ever experiencing all that life has to offer. Now tables are reversed for my personal being. That's why I seek #TheGoodLife to live to see my children live.

  4. just like these men you interview , you also have talent for asking great questions. Not the easiest job in the world, i think. The only thing that bothers me is those damn phones .. its being recorded for you why do you need to sit there with your phones. maybe im getting old ;p

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