Web Development in 2018 – A Practical Guide

We are about to start a new year and I have put together a guide for current and aspiring web developers to follow to get an idea of what it takes to be a full stack developer. From basic tools to html/css, JavaScript, UI frameworks like Bootstrap, server side technologies like Node.js, Python and PHP, frameworks like Laravel, Django and Ruby on Rails. I tried to include the most used technologies and give you the options to choose from with some of my own opinion and input.

Progressive Web Apps
Docker & Vagrant



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29 Comments on “Web Development in 2018 – A Practical Guide”

  1. I know it is still 2017 but I figured we are close enough 🙂 If you saw the 2017 version, there is a lot that is the same because the core fundamentals are the same but we have some new technologies and my outlook on certain things have changed a bit with experience. Hope you enjoy!!

  2. Hi Traversy, I'm a newbie to programming and the first language I'm studying at my college is C++ which I'm having some difficulties it it. Buh I really like it. What do you advice I do.

  3. Hi best website to learn all this courses ? Thankyou. I can google it but i think its better to know it from people that have more knowlegde.

  4. Great job! Thank you bro! This is one of the best video I've seen in 2018! Got a taste on what are what. I want to know more details about how to set-up your own business on web development. Do you guys have any suggestions? From a web developer freelancer to build up a web development business company? Also I would check about the business side stuff need to prepare to run a website by my own.

  5. What is the future o web design or development as WordPress,Wix etc help to build website without knowing nothing about web design or development?PLs comment.

  6. Web Dev summarized in 40 mins! Definitely worth the time to know all the popular tech and frameworks out there!
    Great work!

  7. 35:45 I know at least one thing or more on all your slides, I've built and deployed a website the full stack+api and I can't get a job, not even an interview, any advice? I guess I should start my own business.

  8. This video is really useful. It really helped me get my head around the confusing plethora of web technologies.

  9. Thanks for the video. I would like to build a project management app for construction with a focus on lean manufacturing I have a long way to go.

  10. Hi! So, do you have a video or article about when and how I've started to make money with little front-end knowledge? I'm just starting and I"m curious how to start making something that will potentially bring me some money and will allow me to leave my job and dedicate more time to learning Web Dev.

  11. Wow, learned something today. Bulma is pretty freckin awesome… I've never heard of a CSS3 framework before, but definitely going to promote this at work.

  12. I went to school for Graphic Design and I'm working as a UI/UX Designer. In 2017 I learned HTML, CSS and now I'm learning Javascript but you don't need to know how to code to be a UI/UX Designer (but It helps).

  13. thank you for the video I have been looking for such briefing of all the technologies and to know from where I can start…. i'll join your world soon.

  14. I want to develop a web app what videos should I watch there are basically 38 only on css and html @traversy media ???

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