Web Development In 2019 – A Practical Guide

This is my yearly step by step guide to becoming a web developer in 2019. We will look at nearly all aspects of web technology including the necessities as well as some of the new trends for 2019.

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18 Comments on “Web Development In 2019 – A Practical Guide”

  1. 0:28 – What Is In This Guide?
    1:24 – Basic Software & Tools
    3:43 – HTML & CSS
    5:06 – Responsive Layout
    5:55 – Basic Deployment
    7:35 – Sass Pre-Processor
    8:38 – Vanilla JavaScript
    10:08 – Basic Front-End Web Developer
    11:13 – What To Learn Next
    11:53 – HTML / CSS Framework
    13:21 – Git & Tooling
    16:58 – Front-Ent Framework
    19:10 – State Management
    20:29 – Full Fledged Front-End Web Developer
    21:24 – Server Side Language
    24:16 – Server Side Framework
    27:52 – Database
    29:34 – Server Rendered Pages
    30:41 – CMS
    31:44 – DevOps, Deployment & More
    34:40 – Full Stack Badass
    34:57 – Mobile Development
    35:58 – Desktop Apps With Electron
    36:33 – GraphQL & Apollo
    37:28 – TypeScript
    38:15 – Serverless Architecture
    38:52 – AI & Machine Learning
    39:23 – Blockchain Technology
    40:07 – PWA
    40:42 – Web Assembly

  2. I don't think you mentioned Jquery once. I know that new projects don't use Jquery anymore, but for applying to smaller companies with antiquated sites, shouldn't I at least become familiar with Jquery? Or is it completely dead for job seekers in 2019?

  3. As someone who's worked on developing a back end application in my job, I'm amused (in a good way) that java ee and their implementations like wildfly aren't on the list. It's so much unnecessary pain and work using java ee and I'm excited to learn other back end frameworks.

  4. This is a great overview. There are so many options and frameworks out there that it can be pretty overwhelming if you're just getting started. This video really helps in pointing you in the right direction.

  5. Hi! I am a student at the University of Southern California (USC) and I absolutely love this video. I am looking for a PowerPoint to share a new stack with my coding team. Would it be possible to have a copy of this PowerPoint?

  6. Hi Brad, I really like your videos and tutorial.
    I have one question. Why didn't you mention Java (with Spring) for the server side ? Here in Europe it's large used in entreprise for Microservices (Rest API). It's so easy to find a job with that.

  7. Should I build websites front side with HTML and CSS and Javascript or use bootstrap, easier doesn't matter for me, I just want to know which one is better and what do you use in your case?

  8. Thank you for this guide !

    Please upload the slides ( as you did with 2018 guide), if you want.

  9. I'm also same as u learnt PHP before js
    Then learnt a little js from Ur Ajax ( vannila js) video … I don't know what to learn next …can u guide me please!?

    i watched your crash course on html and css and its changing my life
    Thanks you so much i will inform you about any project i make

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