What Does A Software Developer Work Day Look Like? | #devsLife

In todays video I talk about what I actually do for a living as a front end software or web developer.

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10 Comments on “What Does A Software Developer Work Day Look Like? | #devsLife”

  1. Hi I'm currently studying as software developer in a vocational school. Do you recommend getting a computer science degree? Or it doesn't matter? I'm a littler worried getting a good job.

  2. Hey thanks for the video Chris. I liked it a lot. As a constructive feedback I'd like to say that you should make videos with a more calming tone and not too fast or hyped (high pitch). It makes it sound as if you were in a rush or very tense. Keep them coming tho!

  3. I am a first year college student attending Central piedmont and recently I have developed a real interest for the concept of computer programming. Lately I have been trying to ask a lot of questions as my class registration is coming up. I aspire to be a software developer long term and am a little confused how I should proceed education wise. This is something I think I would like to do but I do t want to regret it

  4. Hi I'm new here. If I go to school for software engineering is that the same as software development?

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