What does message blocking is active mean? Simple steps to resolve it


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You may have seen a "free message: message blocking cannot be sent is active" notification while trying to send an urgent text message. SMS are still the easiest and most popular means of communication. Hence, any problems with such an important service can be especially troublesome.

In this article we will cover what "Message blocking is active" means and the reasons why this message appeared. We also suggest some simple methods to fix this problem.

What is active message blocking?

When message blocking is active, any message you try to send will not be received by the recipient. You may simply see the message "Free Message: Unable to send message blocking is in effect" on your screen.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, but is usually because either the sender or recipient is part of the other's blocked contacts. That being said, T-Mobile users seem to have this problem a lot. We will go into more detail on the reasons in the next section.

Why is message blocking active?

Here is a list of the possible reasons why the message blocking is active notification might appear.

This is one of the most common reasons for message blocking, active notification showing. This is essentially the case when either the sender or the recipient is part of the other's blocked contact lists. You can try to check this out by contacting each other and seeing if the call goes through or not. In some cases, parental controls can be activated accidentally.

This seems to explain why many T-Mobile users have this problem. You need the guidance of experienced technicians to solve this problem.

Again, no mistake on your part. You may see that the notification message blocking is active because your service provider's page is late. You could try contacting your local customer service representative to see if the intelligence services have been mistakenly put on hold.

In this case, you may have selected an option that does not allow your phone to receive or send premium messages. Even if this function is only used by a few messaging apps, it is still an essential prerequisite for their effective work.

This happens when the plan you have subscribed to does not include messaging services. Contact customer service to see if you have chosen the right plan or not. Even if messaging services are covered by your current plan, you may not have enough credit on your prepaid account to send a message.

How do you fix that message blocking is active?

Check that your network coverage is sufficient. This is usually shown as a pictogram in the top right corner of your phone. If the coverage was listed as None or if you can't see bars, you might not be able to call someone or send and receive text messages.

Check that your phone is active

Go to your phone's device settings and check that your phone is listed as Active. If you see Suspended or Still Porting instead of Active, you might not be able to make calls or send and receive text messages.

Check for news on your plan.

First, make sure that Can send / receive text messages is checked on the Account Settings page. With this option enabled, you will likely see that message blocking is an active notification because text messaging is not part of your paid plan.

Check that there is enough space.

You need at least 15% free storage space to be able to send an SMS. Free up space by removing unnecessary applications, documents, and old photos.

Check that you are using the correct country code.

When you are at international borders, messages may be blocked simply because you entered the wrong country code. All you have to do is do a simple Google search to see if you are using the correct country code.

Try to save the contact again.

If you have tried all of the above fixes and the problem persists, it could be with a specific contact. You may have entered the wrong number by mistake. So delete the contact and save the contact again with the correct digits.

As mentioned earlier, you may not be able to send a message because your contact has been blocked by the other person or vice versa. So go to your contacts and check your list of blocked contacts. Unlock them if they are on the list. Ask the other person to do the same. Call the recipient to see if you've removed them from the blacklist.

How to block an unknown contact on your Android device:

Go to your Phone app and tap the "More Options" button. Navigate to Call History and tap the call from the number you want to block. When you're done making your selections, tap Block / Report Spam. This will successfully add the specific contact to the list of blocked numbers.

Unblock a number on your Android device:

Go to your Phone app and tap the "More Options" button. Navigate to Settings and scroll down to Blocked Numbers. You will see an option to unlock next to the contact you want to unlock. Tap on it to remove the contact from the block list.

Lock / unlock contact on an iPhone:

Tap the Phone app on your home screen or in the app library. Go to Recent and tap the info icon next to the relevant contact. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to find an option that says this caller will be blocked. Tap it to block an unknown contact. You can unblock a contact in the same way.

It's pretty easy to check that you have premium access enabled on your phone. Go to Settings and click on App Management. You should be able to see an icon labeled Messaging. Tap on it and navigate all the way down to Special Access. There should be an option to allow premium access. Turn it on if it has not already been activated.

Chances are that you encounter the "Message blocking is in effect" problem as all non-text elements are being added to your message. If it does, you can fix it simply by sending a plain text message with no images, GIFs, emojis, or attachments. The character limit for all standard messaging services is 160 characters. If this character limit is exceeded, a plain text message can be converted into an MMS.

There is a chance that your number will be registered as an iMessaging number even after switching from an iPhone to an Android device. Contact Apple representatives to resolve this issue.

This is generally the last resort if all of the above fixes fail. Press and hold the power button on your phone until it restarts. If your phone has a removable battery, take it out and put it back in. If your battery cannot be removed, try removing and reinserting the SIM card from the compartment provided.

Use Cases

Message blocking is an active bug in Gmail

Not only the SMS services are affected by this problem, it can extend other means of communication like Gmail as well . The error can appear for a variety of reasons. Some of them are:

Entering an invalid email address Accidentally entering a period at the end of the email ID Typos in the email (e.g. spaces) Spam mail is sent continuously

Steps to solve

Check whether the entered e-mail address is correct. Avoid adding a period to the end of the email address. The collection of personal information through spam emails can cause you to be noticed by the Google algorithm. It could mark you as malware and thereby enable message blocking Use Google Groups to send a message to a large number of people If all fixes don't work, you may need to call hotline services

Message Blocking is an active message in Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the default message for most, if not all, Google phones. You can either send a Hangout message or a standard SMS, but the only requirement is that your recipient's number is linked to their Gmail account.

If you are having trouble, try some of the basic troubleshooting steps we mentioned earlier. Check that the cellular reception is adequate and that the WiFi is working properly. If both of these steps don't work, try signing out of the Hangouts app and signing in again.

Signing out of your phone is a simple process. All you have to do is open the Hangouts app and navigate to the menu bar in the top left corner of the screen. Now click on Settings, go to your Google Account and tap on Sign Out. Sign back in to the app by tapping Sign In when you reopen the app. Confirm your phone number and enable the option so that your contacts can find you in Hangouts.

Free Message Blocking is an active notification on T-Mobile.

Of all the service providers out there, T-Mobile users seem to be the hardest hit. You may see Message Blocking as an active message or prompt for action on the screen if the device has not been updated. This can also happen if you unknowingly exceed the character limit.

Solutions for Message Blocking in T-Mobile Devices

For Android Phones

Clear All Cache Data From Messaging App Verify You Have Contact Number Of The Correctly entered the recipient. Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the messaging application loaded on your device. Restoring the Default Settings for Access Point Names (APNs)

For Apple phones

Restoring the network settings to the original settings Update your phone to the latest released version Check if there is a problem with the network by removing the SIM card and attaching it to another device.

If none of the above fixes work for your Android / Apple device, contact the appropriate customer care center for further guidance.

Message blocking error on iMessaging

Just as Hangouts is the default messaging app on all Google phones, iMessaging is the default messaging service on all Apple devices. Texts can be sent via the classic SMS platform if your recipient is not a registered user of iMessaging or you have accidentally deactivated iMessaging services.

If iMessaging is not working properly, you should reset the network settings. This has no effect on your personal data, but instead deletes previously used Wi-Fi networks and APNs.

There is also a chance that you may have missed updates, so check by navigating to the Software Updates page in Settings. If all of these steps still fail to restore your messaging services, a factory reset may be the only way out.

The steps to successfully complete a backup and restore can vary from one device to another, but the basic steps remain the same.

Backing up and restoring an iPhone

On your Home page, click Settings. Go to General Settings – this may require a bit of scrolling. Keep swiping down until you find Reset. Click Erase All Content and Settings Back up your files and data – through iCloud Click Erase Now – This if a dialog box might pop up. It will take you to the first level of security checks Enter your password and click Erase iPhone Re Enter your Apple ID password and confirm – then the second dialog box will appear. The restart should begin shortly once you have entered the security details.

Be aware that a factory reset will erase all of your personal data, including documents, third-party applications, music, and accounts from your device. However, any data uploaded to iCloud is available for download. A factory reset is the best choice to erase all of the local data stored on your device.

Error while blocking messages active on Lycamobile.

This problem does not seem to exist only with T-Mobile users. Lycamobile users have also reported experiencing the active message blocking issue. As mentioned earlier, you might see a notification if your plans have expired prematurely or if you forgot to charge your phone.

Steps to Resolve Error

Users have found that turning off Wi-Fi resolved this issue and messaging appears to be working again. Try removing the Lycamobile SIM card from your phone and placing it on another device. This should fix the problem if it has to do with the SIM card in particular, make sure your Lycamobile text messaging service is set to the latest Lycamobile message center. You can check this by navigating to the Settings page and then going to Sending Profiles. Contact their toll-free number for more information about the Message Center if it wasn't recently updated. The simplest solution is to buy a plan from their website. Plans start at just $ 19

How to Fix Message Blocking Active on Metro PCs

One of the most common reasons for enabling Message Blocking on Metro PCs is that your plan doesn't include international agreements on calls ( Calls from USA, Canada, Great Britain or Australia). Upgrading your plan should help in such cases.

If the problem is with the SIM card, removing it and placing it on another device should make no difference. The only option might be a full network reset. Check that your recipient is up to date with their bill payments. Your message may not be received even if you did everything correctly. Contact your nearest Metro PC outreach center and request a new batch of smartphones or SIM cards. This solves the problem with a large number of users


Even with the advent of other popular messaging services, a significant number of users still rely on the good old SMS services for communication. So, of course, it's frustrating to see that a notification block is active when you're trying to send a text message.

There could be a variety of reasons why this particular notification is displayed. Your network may be weak or you simply don't have enough account balance to send the message.

Another reason why an SMS does not arrive could be that the recipient has blocked your phone number. You can just call the person to see if they blocked you.

In some cases you are not the culprit. The lack of shortcodes with your service provider could be the cause of the problem. Contacting the sales rep should help in such cases. Remember, whatever the cause of the problem, there is always a way to work around it.


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