What Is a Full Stack Developer & How To Become a Full Stack Developer in 1 Year

In this video I talk about What Is a Full Stack Web Developer & How To Become a Full Stack Web Developer in one year.

A full stack web developer is someone who knows how to work with the entire web stack which includes several coding languages and technologies.

These include html, css, javascript, jquery, php, mysql, git, gulp and linux for the operating system.

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I also talk about what it takes to become a full stack web developer in 1 year with a focus on learning each part of the web stack, step by step.

I also talk about coding bootcamps and why they are so successful in training a coder on how to code in a relatively short amount of time.

After one year of intense training, it’s possible to become an entry level full stack web developer.

You just need to focus on each part of the web stack and take your training serious. Dedicate time daily and make sure you have a distraction free coding environment.

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You will also see my general timeline on how to become a full stack developer in one year with focused learning and some of my tips which should help you along the way.

Web development isn’t easy and after one year, you won’t be a master web developer but you will be well on your way to becoming a full stack developer and launching your new career.

29 Comments on “What Is a Full Stack Developer & How To Become a Full Stack Developer in 1 Year”

  1. This is totally possible but it does require dedication. I was able to learn Html, CSS, Javascript/Jquery in 9 months just using Udemy. Udemy, by the way, is a really great platform for learning how to code.

  2. Thank for your educative Video, actually I got into programming few months ago… and I have been tranformed with the help of Mysql, HTML, CSS and now am learning JS with in just 3months.

  3. I have been trying some php on a free host, sadly the two books aren't very good for me, I have also tried w3schools. And looked on youtube, spent about a year and a half on this, I used a book's pack files from In Easy steps book series, but they are php 5 code. Pretty crappy, but yes, trying to create a user account site. I have also tried very small amount of CSS.

    I gave up on website design eleven years ago now, so I returned, out of a task to try and create something. May be I don't have what it takes to learn languages, I'm not even good with the English language. It could be a language, concentration problem, I don't know.

  4. I did HTML for a bit alone, then stacked CSS onto that and then basic JS scripts onto that all within a month. It's not difficult to do considering they each work together, though JS is the most complex out of the 3. Also, why do you say Ubuntu or CentOS for the Linux choices? Just curious about that choice.

  5. Perfectly explained.. when you were talking about Linux.. you should've mentioned fedora or redhat too .. the OSs that aren't Debian based.. I personally hate Ubuntu or Kali

  6. I have learned html css java script for front-end. Should i use java for backend? And do i need thorough understanding of it to be efficient?

  7. I have a starters question, beyond coding, beyond the frontend and the backend… you have the website, or the app – security, how all that HUGE issue comes in to place? lets say that I learned how to code, then I build my own platform, something that is parallel to WordPress, what about the security? who is in charge on that? is it something you need to incorporate in your code? is it on the platform/website host supplier?
    Great video – Thanks!

  8. hi, thanks for detail video on Web development programming and cycle of web development. @LearnTheNew

  9. I would do first month and a half on html, css, and javascript. Because you dont need to learn them one by one. Learn the fundamentals one by one, yes, but then put em into practice together when doing your own projects. That is MASSIVELY important. Im in the process of creating my first website too and thats what I recommend.

  10. I'm becoming a full stack developer… I figure it will take me 2-3 months at most. I have a CS degree but have been out of the game for a while. Having a blast getting caught up. 😀

  11. Lies. Iearned every software in web coding and became an expert in web development but no one hired me or has hired me. These jobs require a bachelors degree or you must have work history if you have no degree no one is going to hire you. Dont waste your time. Many of these employers are bigots.

  12. Nodejs is scripting language?
    Can you please explain more about nodejs . Should I learn PHP or nodejs?

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