What Makes Developers Unhappy

Researchers recently surveyed 2,280 software developers to calculate the distribution of unhappiness throughout the profession, and to identify its top causes. Watch this amazing talk to learn more!

EVENT: RubyConf 2017

SPEAKER: Sandi Metz

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ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzWLGMtXflg

29 Comments on “What Makes Developers Unhappy”

  1. Big problem is having a bias. I struggle with my team mates, especially my team leader, that every time I point some problem out, or something happens, he automatically makes me a problem. His argument is "well you used to argue with others". But this was 7 years ago, when they forced us to be an agile team, and as an introvert I simply burned out from having a meeting 5 times a day.
    back then, nobody in my company new what introvert is and took it simply as that we are problematic. I ended with a deep depression and suicidal thoughts.
    Yet, every time somebody has a problem with me, I am the one to blame, even though I don't give a rats ass and don't get in touch with these colleagues at all. You can change yourself as you wish, but even that isn't sometimes enough 🙁

  2. I loved this talk. Great insights on the psychology of the developer in the work place.

    Three most important things I took for this:
    1. Understanding how persuasion works and it's importance.
    2. Emotional Intelligence is necessary for teams to thrive.
    3. The pillars of Drive: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose!

  3. one of the main reasons: the majority of the software in the world doesn't make sense really, just machine learning and blockchain related software can do something really useful for the world and its evolution

  4. Agile bullshit, constantly changing things, technology diarrhea, unreasonable demands, open seating distraction bullshit ad up to an insane work environment that would drive anyone to suicide.

  5. I hate ageists. The amount of time she would show something to the follow with "oh you're just too young", proper triggers me.

  6. As always Coding Tech, Such an awesome video always worth watching your videos 🙂

  7. Isn't this woman's bias that she stopped doing development to teach? …And now she's happy

  8. Maybe she is the one that makes developers unhappy by shoving TDD down their throats.

  9. Wow. That was an amazingly enjoyable talk. Thank you so much for acting human on stage xD

  10. That was a really good talk. As an aside, the speaker has an extremely similar cadence and voice to John Carmack and I find that to be a very easy cadence to listen to

  11. This is going to sound sexist.. because it is.
    Why is it that 40+% of all "tech talks" by women aren't about tech at all, but about feelings, or inclusivity, or some other such claptrap?
    Give me a Sarah Drasner, or a Jen Simmons, or a Rachel Andrew, or any woman aspiring to be like one of those women.
    But don't waste my time with this fucking mollycoddled melodramatics.

  12. if you ask murderers in prison, you will find the number one reason of unhappiness: disrespect.

  13. I just program for a hobby but this talk translates well to other fields like chemistry.

  14. Description is wrong. There were 1,318 developers surveyed, and they came out with 2,280 votes for reasons that they are unhappy.

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