What To Do If You Don’t Want To Be An Entrepreneur

– What do you do if you don'twant to be an entrepreneur? One of the most commonquestions I get from you, from my fans from all around the world.

Dan, how should I get started? What's the first step? How do I start my first business? What would it take to be an entrepreneur? First of all, let me say this.

Not everyone is suitableto be an entrepreneur.

You have to ask yourself, why do you want to be an entrepreneur? Now if I was to guess, comment below my guess is because you knowwhat I want to be wealthy, I want to be rich, I wantto have more freedom, and that's why I wantto be an entrepreneur.

Well you don't have to be anentrepreneur to be wealthy, to be financially successful, because not everyone is cutout to be an entrepreneur.

Unlike other gurus and allthese other people that say, oh yeah, yes if you just hustle, anyone can make it as an entrepreneur.


It's like if you hustle everyone will be an NBA player.

It's not true.

It takes a certain personality type.

It takes a certain psychological makeup to be an entrepreneur.

I used to believe, thatentrepreneur is made.

Now I'm more leaning towardsbelieving entrepreneur is born.

You could develop skillsets of an entrepreneur, and you can get to a certain level.

Just like if you play basketball, right.

You can have fun, you canget to a certain level.

But only a percentage,not even a big percentage, will make it to that professional level.

Will make it to that college basketball or to the NBA, the bestof the best in the world.

So I think its very naive,it's fucking stupid to believe, that everyone can be asuccessful entrepreneur.

I don't believe in that.

Timing, team, idea, execution, all those things, they play a factor.

So what do you do if you don'twant to be an entrepreneur? Let me tell you about my friend Ron.

Now I've known Ron foralmost ten years now.

He is one of the highestpaid photographer in my city.

He takes a lot of different photos.

One of the most expensive in my city.

Now he doesn't have a business.

He's simply a photographer.

What Ron has is a high income skill.

If you follow my work you know I believe in the power of havingthe high income skill.

And I define a high income skill as a skill that makes youa minimum $10,000 a month.

10k a month, $120,000 a year or more.

So Ron has a high income skill, which is a high-end photographer.

Now he's a very frugal guy.

Remember back then hecould've bought a place, a house in Burnaby, he'smaking very good money, but he bought a very modest home.

Not for a lot of money, and him, his wife, and two kids living there.

And as he keeps makingmore and more money, he put aside and saved thosemoney and put into real estate.

He started off buying smaller property, fixing them, flipping them, selling them.

Eventually moving intoduplex, bigger bigger units.

And today, after all these years, he owns over 200 units in Vancouver.

Now if you know Vancouver real estate, it is one of the mostexpensive in the world.

So he owns apartment buildings, he owns commercial properties.

200 doors.

200 units.

He doesn't have a business.

He is not a business owner.

Over the years all he has is he has developed his high income skills, he has maximized his high income skill, and he takes that money and put into high return investments.

In this case, real estate, that's it.

He's now worth tens ofmillions of dollars.

He's basically retired,traveling with the wife, and traveling to all kinds ofcountries just enjoying life.

Because, every monthhe's got rental income coming in, right.

So I want you to think about, you don't need to be an entrepreneur to be successful financially.

What you need to, absolutely that you need it's high income skills.

Now, if you have your high income skills, could you then transition, if you do want to start a business, and if you do believe thatyou have what it takes, you could do that, absolutely.

But what I'm saying is, youcould do very well financially.

You can make six figure a year.

You can make seven figure income a year with the high income skills without ever starting a business.

Because, starting a business is a completely different thing.

Now you have people, you have systems, you have infrastructure.

It's much more complex and again not everyoneis cut out for that.

And I always describe thedefinition of entrepreneur is a person with a vision whoorchestrates other peoples' time, resources, and money,to make his or her vision a reality, that's it.

Not everyone is capable to do that.

Not everyone is capable of being a leader.

So don't fool yourself,and say oh I can do that.

Or you see someone on Instagram, they've got this lifethey're an entrepreneur, I'm gonna be an entrepreneur.

It's like, you see MichaelJordan playing basketball, oh I'm gonna be an NBA player.

The chances of you makingit are slim to none.

The great thing is youdon't need to do that in order to do well in life.

You don't need to do that in order — If you want to watch my other videos on five ways to increase your income, click on the "i" button, I talk about the concept of also intrapreneurship.

How to start a business within a business.

I explain very much indepth in that video.

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