What’s Easier to Buy: Dream or Nightmare?

Valuetainment Episode #30: You will come across many people in life. Some you will choose to follow and others you will lead. In this episode Patrick discusses the elements that define a leader and how we are influenced in our decision making process by the leaders in our life.


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18 Comments on “What’s Easier to Buy: Dream or Nightmare?”

  1. I am re-reading you book, The Next Perfect Storm, right now and you have laid down a challenge to so many to be in the minority and follow your dreams… As you say in this video its so much easier to fall for the negative, to fall for the "nightmare" instead of being bold and rising to the challenge and make your dreams come true… Thank you for reminding us not to get ensnared in the fruitless web of fear and mediocrity and to be bold and "make it happen"!!!

  2. I'm currently surrounded by negative people telling me I can't do it and little do they know that drives the crap out of me. I dream of the day I can pull up in a ferrari and just see their reaction

  3. You are absolutely right. Unfortunately, it's so much easier to accept negativity. A positive attitude requires effort. – "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get it's pants on." Winston Churchill

  4. Being able to tell the two voices apart comes from a good upbringing. Would you recommend any books on how to raise your kids? (For future reference of course)

  5. still going- great video. Very true. We have to be able to distinguish and hang around with good, helpful leaders who move us forward instead of back, because the people who are around us make up who we become.

  6. Episode #62 – There will always be two types of leaders: the positive and the negative one. The good leader is supportive, challenges and encourages people but the bad leader doesn't want you to make it big in life and spreads rumors. Every day we have a choice which voice to listen.

  7. Lesson: There are good and bad leaders. We will run across both throughout life. We need to make sure we listen clearly and choose the right one. It is easy to follow the path of a bad leader, but you know what the right path is.

  8. Lesson 61 | What's easier to buy: Dream or Nightmare?
    – Leadership: The action of leading a group of people or organisation
    – There are few good leaders whose advice & challenges are tougher to take, and in contrast there are many bad leaders whose rumours & negativity are so much easier to fall for (no matter how good we may be, all of us will fall for this group at some point in our life)
    "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has the chance to put its pants on"- Winston Churchill

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