What’s Your Pain Tolerance As An Entrepreneur?

Motivation Monday by Patrick Bet-David. In this episode he asks: What’s Your Pain Tolerance As An Entrepreneur? Subscribe for weekly updates

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44 Comments on “What’s Your Pain Tolerance As An Entrepreneur?”

  1. Well I'm 28 and I've got heart problems due to the stress of starting my business. It's been 8 months and I'm still not breaking the surface. I'm terrible at sales and people skills but good at everything else… Im learning how to deal with people but fuck, it's like pushing down a brick wall. It's like math, some are naturally good at it but others aren't

  2. Pat I don't know how you deal with these comments.

    You're spitting truth on character development and people are more worried about the look of your facial hair?


  3. So fucking true. In the process you will come to find that it was never really an issue of getting something but more so an issue of becoming something. The rest just follows

  4. Hi Patric, I'm a 5th year medical student and I'm soo into entrepreneurship for so long now. My parents want me to finish my college and just forget about entrepreneurship and all of that, they think that I may go far away from my goal. What shall I do… Its medical school and I've made it through the fifth year now !! When I started watching this channel of yours for a month now I realized that I was going away far from my real goal ..
    Please talk about your opinion on doctor entrepreneurs

  5. Love your content… but the third book about Edison… make sure the truth about Nikola Tesla is also offered… and why we don't know that name as well because he was not a businessman… ?

  6. So true, I have a little Bakery and just before my 1st Birthday I was caught in a coastal rip and as I was nearly drowning I had a heart attack. BOOM. 15 months later I've just reopened, low key start. The variety of pains, open heart surgery, physical recovery, mental health. And I never lost sight of my dreams. Now I have even more passion. So take risks and believe in yourself, be humble and always live life
    Thank you for reading

  7. I liked the fact that you test you kids, you are teaching them the importance of sacrifice. The question is: how do you actually remember all the pages of the books that you read? I dedicate a lot of time reading, I do read about 3/4 book per month however I have to admit that often I realise that I just forgot most of the book and I just remember some key point that in some way impacted me. Can you share how you do?

  8. Thank you for preparing these great videos. I’m a new father and hearing how you have these conversations with your children is very informative and something I look forward to emulating.

  9. The best thing about these videos… is the pain of truth… every… damn… one… really love/hate valuetainment… in saying that… my reality is changing… slowly… painfully… progressively…

  10. Been watching for a long time now..and you've made some of the best videos I've watched..but this one made me want to thank you… Thanks for for all the great advice, insight, everything..thank you

  11. Hey Pat, I would like to hear your views on compounding effect on entrepreneurial level, How much it is involved in business and entrepreneurship and some key insights as usual! (not meaning the stock market). Valuetainers who like to hear, Vote with likes! BUMP

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