Who Can Beat Trump In 2020 Election?

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33 Comments on “Who Can Beat Trump In 2020 Election?”

  1. I love Trump ❤️ to win in 2020 but I would definitely like to see a Democrat candidate “try” to beat him just to see the Democrats faces again like in 2016 that was CLASSIC

  2. Yang's UBI is a big LIE. His math does not add up. UBI costs over $2.8trillion a year and the only welfare Yang proposes to swap, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), is $60billion ($0.06 trillion). The entire 2020 welfare budget excluding social security and medicare is less than $1.1trillion! $800billion ($0.8billion) VAT advertised by Yang would mean ~20% rate not 10%.

  3. So far nobody…
    I haven't seen a presidential candidate look at the American peole straight in the eye and say I love America & I going to put America First.

    Trump 2020 KAG

  4. How to win in 2020, all democrats and independents must vote on the whoever is the democratic nominee and not vote for anyone else that isn’t on the ballot.

  5. I think talking about policies instead of taking shots at the opponent works in your typical election, but honestly what policy did trump talk about other than the wall??? He said he would repeal and replace Obamacare with something that was "fantastic" right??? Except he wouldn't reveal his "plan" until after the election, then here it is coming on the next election and we still have Obamacare and NO WALL has been built (despite what fox "news" has been telling you) and that was OBVIOUSLY because he had NO PLAN whatsoever and that is evident now……. The paradigm is shifting and being dumbed down based off of the catastrophe of one douche bag, and to beat him and win over his support base you have to be an even bigger douche bag. Devolution needs to be stopped before we are the manifest of Idiocracy, and THAT (other than exploding the deficit even more, ANOTHER thing he promised to fix, yet he made worse) will be his "legend"

  6. Nobody can beat him ever you watch he's gonna win again fuck that joke yin yang fuck the bull shit impeachment crap just because people don't like him for spittin the truth trump always comes out on top has for years and the next term he's gonna do even better at draining the corruption swamp

  7. Yang is gonna beat trump because he gravitates towards trump supporters. You win back red states you win the whole thing. Also Yang has solutions to rebuild the red states and their towns without having to replace red representatives because those reps will have to agree that resources like jobs isn’t coming back to those towns and turning those towns into Prisons isn’t the solution. Let’s put money into the peoples hands and create opportunities back in their local business and continue to build on that foundation. Also Yang has over 100 policies including Medicare for all plus more.

  8. You are right about social media and content. The only one that seems to be doing it right is Trump. It’s exciting and continuous. Very effective and might be the reason he gets re-elected.

  9. Any talk of giving money to the poor upsets the rich. Any talk of giving money to those who already have more of it than they know what to do with is applauded by the rich. Money spent on buying politicians is considered an investment by the rich. Any vote against this is considered big government or communism by the rich. The rich are the first to advocate war for business interests but last to fight in the wars or volunteer their family members on the battlefields. The rich consider themselves invaluable but the poor as expendable!

  10. yang may be the guy but why ? everyone wants there 1000 year? trump will annihilate him with facts an figures… you dont have to be an economist to see all free programs and their costs: welfare, medicade, foodstamps, social security which Patrick did a video on how much it is costing and will cost, then add 1000 a year per person on top of all that debt. it may bring us to the term above trillion in our lifetime.

  11. Underdog ? The Democrat Party dance is the Limba . How Low Can You Go . The Boule society Down Low Club . Three years of Russian Collusion and zip , nothing  . Communist California , Trannie lessons for little children , after the baby is born ' abortion ' , and there is more , much more . People are tired of it . No Democrat can hold a candle to Trump .

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