Who Did You Speak To Last Night?

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38 Comments on “Who Did You Speak To Last Night?”

  1. Sometimes it is better not to talk to your entourage before going to bed, just watch a valuetainment video each single nights and you will be on your way to succeed.

  2. ?? Thank you and everyone that are and have served our country. God bless you all and God bless the United States of America. Greatful Veteran's Day! ? ??

  3. I have ditched my looser friends wich is everyone around me, i have a dinner with a potential new friend that is 100 times more sucessful than me. The last one i talk to is my wife and she is not exited but she dont put doubt in me. Trough my past year ive learned that i dont talk business with my family they just push me down, but im gonna show them and the world that it can be done even with my backround.

  4. Whatever you think, who ever you talk to, or whatever you read just before going to bed; you will program those things to your subconscious mind. Because your sub-conscious mind is wide open when you are asleep.

  5. I'm single, So the last person I talked to was a business developer. I'm trying to convince him to help build my company. I'm the engineer.
    Granted this talk is about positive motivation verse negative. I'm my own positive motivation. I ignore people that are negative towards me.

  6. This 'how to become successful' thing is getting out of hand .. Based on how you wiped your ass, I can tell how rich you're going to become in the next 20 years. Bro go to sleep, please.

  7. I don't work, I don't have money, I don't have a car, a phone, a license, a house or any of that. I live with my grandparents, my family is a short trip away (30 minutes on the other side of town). I have a very loving family and i've decided not to participate in the Rat Race anymore. All the ratrace did was bring me Pain, Drama and Misery. What I did is what most people can't do, and for that I appreciate my life. I philosophize about the World, have time to develop my own beliefs, have plenty of friends on the Internet to keep me socially involved.

    I grew up around a lot of high achievers. I am by no means, close to a "high achiever" but I also don't really care that much about it. My goal is trying to find something to make me happy everyday, and it doesn't work all of the time, but when I find something that makes me Happy, I cherish it.

  8. I am going back to tech school to be an engineer, at 41yo, and I just got a project sponsored by a VP at the company I work for. I have to keep at it to get where I want, nobody can stop me. I will not take no for an answer!

  9. Quality video as always Pat! Question for ya boss man. In the background of a good portion of your videos You have R E A D as book holders for some of your books. Really cool concept. Where can I purchase that? Thank you for your time and have a blessed day.

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