Why 3 Million Employees Quit This Month

Why 3 Million Employees Quit This Month – Patrick Bet-David shares how to retain employees.. Subscribe for weekly content.

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49 Comments on “Why 3 Million Employees Quit This Month”

  1. I miss these videos so much man. You been making a lot of interviews now a day's. I was so addicted to these videos I watched every single one from when this channel started at least twice.

  2. Well designed very informative video thank you I appreciate your input. I will be utilizing some of this You've give me some good ideas.
    Me and my friend both run companies but they're small and we struggle to make it big because of employees. We end up running everything ourselves half the time. We need to figure employees out the most.

  3. Where do I send my resume at? Customers services beast with 14 years of experience, potential to run operationals like a champ. Working for a big coorp for the last 10, cap salaries, no development, no training.

  4. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is at a cross road.
    The deep state, socialists, democrat leadership, globalists and media are trying to make a one world order. To do this they must destroy the USA.
    Obama did an amazing job at getting the ball rolling. The globalists and others thought they had it in the bag with Clinton.
    In steps Donald Trump. The miracle of 2016 happens. Trump wins.
    This stops the globalists takeover. But they look at it as just a small set back that will end in 2024. They know they can’t beat Trump in 2020.
    They know that they could obstruct 24/7/365. They accomplished this in the 2018 midterms. So when 2024 comes about they will be ready. There just isn’t another Donald Trump. Not his kids, not anybody. Trump is a once in 250 year happening. So 2024 is goodbye USA hello globalism.
    There is an answer. REPEAL THE 22ND amendment. (2 term pres. Limit). Now I know what your thinking. It’s impossible. I say that's not true. First you need 2/3 house and senate seats and 3/4 state legislatures.
    That sound very hard to do. But is it.
    1St. – Trumps base is solid.
    2nd. – Everything Trump has done has been great for the American people
    4th – The democrat platform is insane.
    5th – Trumps rallies are getting bigger.
    6th – The minorities especially the black vote will make a big difference.
    Now what trump needs to do is bring this to the public at his rallies. He will need to explain why 2024 is back to the same old political corruption and only he can stop it if we repeal the 22nd amendment. He will need to do this for the next year. His reelection team will also need to do this 24/7.
    Now it’s not just the 2020 elections that will get enough seats, it’s that and the 2022 midterm. If the people come out in the midterm like they do in the 2020 presidential election he could blow the doors off every democrat running.
    The turnout is the difference. The Trumpicans would need to win about 17 of the 24 senate seats This can happen. I believe there is a growing backlash against the democrats that is not being told. I believe Trump is changing peoples minds including some never Trumpers. WE HAD A MIRACLE IN 2016. IT CAN HAPPEN AGAIN.

  5. Its so true that people don't leave jobs, they leave bad bosses. My job had an open VP position and recruiting told me that we got 3,000 applicants for it.. You are competing not just against people who don't have a job, but also against a ton of people with a job. If you have great leadership (at all levels), you can keep people engaged. So often companies promote people into management because they are good at their job — but the skills needed to succeed as a manager/direct/VP/C level are different than being good at your original job.

  6. Many mid level management teams of some companies seems to be out of touch of reality or just straight don't care for people or have company culture on paper but nothing solid on reality, hiring people mostly based on CV and x years of experience also can screw up selecting talent

  7. Ill tell u why…giving only 1 week vacation after 1 yr. And 2 weeks after 2 yrs! That sux! Also having prick co- workers who act like everybodys boss! (Workplace bullies) Fire them!

  8. Better question…How many of those who quit are worth a shit? I'd say less than 10%. The one who quit because they got tired of carrying the dead weight of their co-workers.

  9. Pat, I strongly feel that middle management is at fault for the majority of employees quiting.

    This new work culture involving "Gen Z" is strongly crippled due to comraderie and fraternization in the workplace and the wrong people are getting promoted to these management positions.

    Beta managers (bad bosses) are scared not to have friends at the next level. That leads to incompetence in the management level since the managers don't have the skills necessary to lead and manage. (Bad bosses) That leads to employees not respecting their leadership. Leading to frustration and communication break down (top employees lose their edge)

    Ultimately failure, as in customer churn (due to unhappy, mislead employees) and employee attrition (due to the lack of upward mobility based on work ethic. Work culture becomes a bad environment. Any thoughts?

    (You had a term or phrase you used previously for people that haven't put in the work to be where they are I just couldn't remember it.)

  10. As a mid level manager with a horrible boss this video was eye opening. I now know exactly what to look for in future employers/employees.

  11. I had a boss tell me that I was willing to do everything none of his other employees were willing to do, so I asked for a raise…..all I heard was silence! This was a fortune 500 co. so I know they could afford it!

  12. People quit jobs because people where never suppose to work a job (slavery) simple having a chain of command (hierarchy) creates a dysfunction and tension that is combustible.

  13. Compensations and benefits system is unfair in the US. CEOs( all management for that matter)in bailed out public companies are way overpaid. They are hired employees just like me. I make $32,000 a year and they make $100,000,000. How? Why? Please don’t give me crap about « they add value » Slavery in the US is never abolished it’s just institutionalized.

  14. People also leave stagnant wages. Have a performance appraisal program that TIES to salary appraisal. NOBODY wants to hear that annual performance evaluations dont necessarily apply to wage review. Come on!! At least keep up with cost of living.

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