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  1. Another thing about contracting is you don’t get any paid holidays, vacations, or sick days. Do you want to take a week off for vacation? Then calculate how much you make per week and add that to the cost of your vacation package. Fun times.

  2. After exposure to other channels with similar objectives, I found yours to be more focused and goal oriented. Also solid net contents that I can relate to. Also things that support decision making and practical actions. Thanks for sharing your experience. Subscribed.

  3. In philippines its just 2.5 to 3 dollar per hour for 0 to 2 year experience web developer. And you have to be a bachelors degree to get a proper job here.

  4. Web devs are "overpaid" due to high demand and not particularly solid supply of sharp minds. imho.

  5. If you're working a contract/temporary job, you can absolutely go get unemployment when it ends, that's what I'm doing right at this very moment..

  6. Hey, good point of view with statistics, your reviews help me to understand about software development industry in USA, I am not engineer, I am a technician software developer in my country. Someone offer me to sponsorship a Visa, I am thinking if it's to worth leave my country, but I have the expectation to get more experience on the field because my level is Jr. I looking to get a least medium level, senior developer is a dream yet.

  7. lol wtf that costs, in my country Argentine, we got free university, the cs degree is about 6 years long, but is free 😛

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