Why Big Companies Hire Ivy League Graduates- Jordan Peterson

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About Jordan Peterson:
Jordan Bernt Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

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47 Comments on “Why Big Companies Hire Ivy League Graduates- Jordan Peterson”

  1. Peterson here is doing a great disservice by pumping up the tires of what's essentially a neofascist, neoliberal way of life, of devoting yourself to professional advancement and escalating wages and an increased devotion to material possessions and status markers.

    In my experience life is a lot more fun when you DON'T have a huge surplus of money, when $100 really means something to you, when you can't just buy anything that catches your fancy. You see with Patrick, once he got really wealthy, he turned to collecting rare trading cards in order to justify and sanctify his pursuit of wealth. Not the most effective use of time I think!

    The most important thing to cultivate in this life is our relationship with god and with truth, and who knows, everlasting life might just be available to you. Turning on the taps of our eternal wellspring. Instead of devoting ourselves to status, prestige, impressive houses and cars, luxurious tailored clothing, and the like. See how much that stuff counts when you're hitting your seventies and eighties, when you body starts to really fail you in an undeniable way. The flesh is the hinge of salvation, and flesh is restored by the spirit. And the spirit is not going to help you if you are constantly looking at how to move up in the material, neoliberal, Ivy League world.

  2. Well, a bit out dated. They reduce Asian sats. The reduce white sats. The increase Black sats by a lot. So how does this work for knowing you hired the best of the best?

  3. Was it impossible to get in outside of a high SAT score? What about the rich people who paid to get their kids in? How many of them are there? Could you address this Jordan?

  4. A very interesting perspective to hear. I like when people attempt to make the case for why traditional education has any validity in today's world because we have people left and right becoming millionaires on the internet without ever going to college let alone for some highschool. I still don't think college should be what the prices are for admission and truly wish they made you think more about things that make sense in the real world and is always up to date, but that's why one day I still believe they'll be forced to only do only education and make it a very affordable subscription model that if you want access to it, it's there and far more accessible to all.

  5. Jordan also inadvertently explained why Universal Basic Income will make people lazier and less competitive which is what the Socialists/Communists want because they want to play as your -political-mommy who either gives you an allowance or takes it away from you whenever they want to do so!

  6. This guy Jordan Peterson.

    His fans really act like he’s been some suppressed voice or that he’s some critics.
    At the end of the day he’s all about preserving the order of today for tomorrow, maybe just touch up a few things.

    Not just this, but in general. He’s like the conservative Malcolm Gladwell.

    Instead of being juvenile and fantastic in his thinking’s he’s more like “10 reasons why your Grandfather is right about looking for jobs on the internet”.

    Guy has no courage, and that’s why he’s hated by the extreme on both sides, and you see it with his fans too.

    They aren’t one side or another on anything, they just play the center and have a martyr complex about things when they’re called out.

  7. My brother!…morons go to ivy league schools all the time, look at the politicians that get there kids in and their parents did the same thing for them and they can't even spell SAT let alone score high enough to actually attend said ivy league school, it's a joke just like college!

  8. If your parents are rich or you love debt, have a degree.
    String Theory and Liberal Art Degrees are a thing.

    For going to an Ivy League School, you get the best jobs!

    Everyone gets a trophy, 'cause we all the same and "special."
    F**K THIS $**T
    !(: Best regards to everyone else ;)!

  9. I agree with a lot of this but the claim about SAT being a proxy for IQ is absurd. I’ve definitely read that the biggest determinant of SAT score is your parents’ income.

  10. Why dont people understand that there are infinite types of intelligence. And you dont need an IQ or IVY to succeed. You can become fuckin anything. It is all about the impact.

  11. It’s very easy to get into a IVY LEAGUE school. Take 12 credits on a non matriculated basis, get straight A. Then state that you wish to matriculate toward a degree program…you’re in. All you need to do is demonstrate that you can do honors level coursework.

  12. You can have an extremely intelligent person (exclusive ed) but if they have no social skills or dont have the ability think outside the norm they are a dime a dozen. Standard genius is over rated.

  13. And for the non rich you get scraps and a boot on your throat making a barely livable salary. Life in the far right capatalist dream economy. Only the rich deserve to live good.

  14. Lies it wasn't hard for all of them to get in. Most of them were funded by their parents to get in through corruptive ways especially the white ones. Its rigged

  15. General knowledge is not used for IQ tests. IQ tests abstract thinking and reasoning and is 'culture fair/neutral' which is why some children under 5 can score very highly; they do not know anything about the world yet but their problem solving talent is high. Very confused about why Jordan said this, he should know better.

  16. Connections, as shown…the rich buy their kids in. So families have money thus influence and can do favors.

    Seriously Ivy League schools JUST got busted for dumb children from rich families buy their way in, THEN pay to graduate.

  17. Incompetent people who do nothing and succeed is the bedrock of rich America…I know it’s been a few months so many have forgotten but again. Rich are buying their kids ways in AND paying for the grades.

    This is fact and undeniable. I like Jordon but my GOD he is wrong here.

  18. bruh i'll save you the trouble. Just need to know the right people to get through this maze called "life". Everything will be set.

  19. I thought that the SAT prior to being recentered, so pre-1995, was correlated with IQ, but anything past that doesn’t correlate. Some high IQ societies use SAT scores prior to 2005, so perhaps there’s still some correlation of SATs from 1995-2005, but none that I can find use SAT scores past that. Is this not true? Am I misinformed or is Peterson wrong in saying that IQ currently correlates with SAT scores?

  20. 1) Not all IVY league student are high-quality student, the majority get in because their parents had "connections.
    2) The government is an example of an institution run by incompetent people.
    3) You can be a really great intelligent student but you don't end been IVY since you lack the funds and connections.
    4) School is not about intelligence is about following instructions without doubting is the right way.

  21. The first 30 seconds of Peterson's blather 9/10 US based Elementary schoolers know. Who on earth is their audience? Aliens? ALL TESTS are a proxy for IQ. Is this guy new to earth? Lmao. The colleges use the SAT to test rote memory because nearly every task in corporate america draws on synthesis, and if you're in management minor MINOR critical thought surrounding useless information retained in rote memory. Anyway, PBD should be the one talking, not this clown.

  22. Graduates of Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Stanford are one of two things. They are either exceptionally bright, hard working, high performance people who are driven to succeed. Or they are the woefully incompetent, entitled children of wealthy parents who never had to work for anything in their whole lives.

  23. Being an entrepreneur (in the making) it totally makes sense why you would hire these people and not more of your own type. Someone has to come up with the big ideas and someone must be able to keep the structures around it in place.

  24. Nice all that by Peterson but that does not explain the amount of mediocrity employed by these very same companies. Sure none expects them to be employing only top-IQs and a company does indeed require a good mix of all but if you have ever worked for one or two oh boy! the amount of mediocrity is quite shocking. At that level the difference between success and failure is not one between dumb and smart but between having connections and having the right connections. People think that those working on top positions must be geniuses but no, the fact is that most of them are with a range of 30 IQs at around 105 to 135 i.e., a few are smarter than that, few are less smart than that but for the most they range there. Just above average (for comparison, Italians' average IQ, i.e. of the overall population is 104. The reason is that to lead people you need to be closer to the average than hyper-smart. Being with IQs above 140 you start losing contact with people and once you do so you lose the ability to network correctly.

  25. What a load of BS. Peterson is a charlatan.
    Has he never known people who went to Ivy League schools or missed the admissions scandals in the news?
    This is propaganda so you will be a good little peasant and accept your life of limited opportunity limited rewards as a slave while the connected live lavish lives of ease and luxury. Chelsea Clinton and many other politicians kids easily get in these schools. They are not impressive at all. The truth is most Ivy students are legacy or bribe their way in. A few get in on affirmative action. Only 10 maybe 20% are truly high intelligence. The system is rigged and you aren't in the club suckers. Peterson's job is to get you to accept it, to think you re not worthy. He is not your friend. He isn't even that smart. Mildly above average.

  26. Ivy league students make the best workers to exploit once they graduate they make the owner of the company more successful with the illusion of them being more "successfull people" .

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