Why Business Plans Don’t Work for Most

Do business plans work? Why don’t they work for most people? Motivation Monday by Patrick Bet-David. Subscribe for weekly updates

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39 Comments on “Why Business Plans Don’t Work for Most”

  1. Thank you Patrick for being such a helpful companion.
    Can't wait to met you in person.

    To do list
    [] : Firm handshake with Patrick Bet David
    [] : Bear hug with Patrick Bet David

    I am a hugger tho ??

  2. If the plan DOESN'T WORK.. Change it !! Try a different strategy but DO NOT stop trying..

    Mann I'm so thankful for people like Pat, I am really following my passion of producing content because of people like him.. ??

  3. really love these videos, and although i am only a highschooler, i am getting amazing value and motivation out of them, thanks a ton!

  4. I was just thinking about writing a one page businnesplan even though half year already past. It's like you are reading my mind. Now I actually feel excited about doing it. Incredible

  5. Yeah I'm not on track, I'm really not on track, I don't have enough hands, man, I don't have enough hands! (maybe I should watch less YouTube videos, it's research, honest!)

  6. I wanted to challenge you to share a gofundme campign to help the Bahamas. I sent you the link on instagram and you ignored it. So please do noy sot here and make videos saying you are wanting to helo Pepole when you could not even share the Bahamas campign to helo victims. You are a lying POS. I learned so much from you Pepole that have a large following base and can not even share a great cause. I am not suscribed no more i am paying a channel that has over 3 million subscribers we are putting you pepole on blast

  7. As i mentioned i am paying a couple people that have over 3 million suscribers on youtube. And over 4 million followers on facebook and youtube. We are making a video to show how fakr you and a few other pepole/ channels are. That claim to do what they do to help people but could not even share a campaign for helping the Bahamas you read tbe message i sent on instagram and could not even share it or respond and it shows how much of a dirtbag you pepole are your channel and following base is about to get smaller.

  8. First rule of business plan writing: find workable techniques to achieving your goals. Second rule: don't believe all the BS and don't fall for juvenile guilt trips that say it's all your fault.

  9. Just came back from my workout ive started a week ago, and this reminded me to take out my booklet and write down my workout aims for this year.
    You make people to take action and thats really worthy for me, thanks a lot i love valuetainment!

  10. i'm actually happy to review my business plan
    if i'm falling behind it just reminds me how much better i could be doing
    my biggest fear is actually that i've maxed out, and there is phyiscally no way left to grow…

  11. I actually started planning my 2020 last week. Compared to you I'm way behind, but compared to most I'm more ahead 🙂 Take your pick. Btw; Your one page business plan isn't a Business Plan! It's more like personal goals. I still love your content and will be keep watching. Thumbs up!

  12. In One of your videos there was a book you mentioned regarding how many tile the parents would praise the kids depending what social class you were in. Anybody know this? please help!

  13. I'm also into entrepreneurship since my college years – although I do hold a degree academically, yet always resourceful and had managed to made bundles of side hussling good income during my 10yrs of flying career with the Airlines. And now working at taking my entrepreneurship more seriously and working towards a full time business practice wise – after being well-trained and well-hired as a Professional Customer Service also Sales & Marketing Executive, with several MNC & SME companies for the past 15 plus years!! (With the most recent – working for one of well-known Property Developer in Asia – Singapore)…

    It has not been as easy as most people thought to become a successful entrepreneur. And I am still on my journey to hit my 1st million mark both financial and business goal!! Will perservere on – no matter what!

    As I was too engrossed in developing my artistic creation side and also overly people focus as a Dance – http://www.thedancejourney.com and Lifeskill Coach with my private business practices since year 2005. Hence ended up not building up a needed business system or functional platform to scale my business goals that I wanted to achieve since. After listening to your this video – I definitely going to re-look and re-work my business plan, and I've actually kick-started to re-brand my personal branding this June' 2019 (planning phase), and will continue towards 2020 with my business goals for sure!! Which include writing my 1st Book for my Life Work & Relationship Coaching – also setting up a YouTube Channel in empowering women about their relationship challenges – that I will be niching into for the next phase of my business development!

    And I earnestly look forward to attend one of your live event sometime in the near future too!! Keep your awesome empowering videos coming Pat David!! 🙂 – so blessed by your this unique preposition educational channel!! And hope to see you come down to Asia to impart your inspiring work here some days too!!

  14. I feel happy when I see Pat telling us to do things I've been doing myself already! This Q419 is going to be pretty awesome, it's a turning point in my business.

  15. Any artists watching because they realize they've been training their artistic skills for their whole lives but only spend several days learning how to sell those skills and that attitude needs to change?

  16. If you're to afraid to look at your own goals how are you going to react when youre at war with competitors taking blows? Thanks Pat, some people have Tony Robbins I have Pat

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