Why Google Paid Apple $9 Billion

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49 Comments on “Why Google Paid Apple $9 Billion”

  1. 1:00 correction

    Apple has 101.9 million customers.

    It should be “ 101.9 million HIGH WEALTH customer base”

    Dollar tree as a lot customer but not the right ones for google.

  2. I changed my Safari setting to DuckDuckGo the day I bought my iPhone.
    When you’re done searching on DDG, you can manually delete your searches immediately.
    I’ll never ever use Google again!

  3. 2 stabs? Interesting language. Bribes and Blackmail. Collusion in censorship and spying. They have stabbed the public in the back and will start on each other soon. The antitrust suits are coming. I use none of their products whenever I can.

  4. Too bad Google got screwed because apple has just added a bunch of "privacy software" that blocks cookies, etc. that Google relies on for the majority of their income

  5. Imagine hearing that Google made the mistake of not giving that money to Apple. They need to make sure that Bing doesn’t pass up Google so they can stay No. 1

  6. The simple math says,we are worth $100 each in cost to google ,then they can unfold there advertising sales team to sell the monopoly to advertisers!
    Apple makes a cool 10 billion.
    Google makes a cool 100 billion.
    Buy google stock !

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