Why I Stayed Away From Alcohol and Drugs

Tom Bilyeu joins Patrick Bet-David to talk about his journey starting his companies, the challenges that come with entrepreneurship and why he stayed away from alcohol and drugs.

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20 Comments on “Why I Stayed Away From Alcohol and Drugs”

  1. Thank you for giving me the perfect way to express why I can't stand marijuana. I love the "pause and play" way of explaining how weed effects me. I absolutely hate it and those who love it, don't understand why I don't.

  2. Drugs just transformed. Social media is a drug. YouTube may be the worst. These 2 are giving great content and value but they also steal your time, which you can't get back. Your attention being in a chokehold is no worst than being high!

  3. Why not just be sensible and do what just works for you? We alter the chemistry of our brain all the time with everything from exercise to meditating to snorting cocaine off the belly of a hooker. Lets be pragmatic and take things on a case by case event by event basis rather than oversimplifying everything with a broad sweeping catchall.

  4. I did that stuff when I was a teenager as part of my acting-out phase. When I turned 21, I went to a club once and thought it was boring and realized I had lost interest in alcohol. I don't like feeling woozy anyway, so it was easy to give it up.

  5. Seeing my pothead uncle made me never want to do pot. Since then I've met and seen so many potheads who were losers to confirm my decision to not do pot.

  6. I like how a lot of people in the comments are "bragging" about never drinking and/or doing drugs like it's an achievement. Although they're not necessary, they only take control of you if you let them

  7. Tom is much more likeable being interviewed than when he is the interviewer , although he is still likeable when asking questions, maybe the real Tom comes out easier when he can relax and just talk about his story , love both you guys ????

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