Why Market Crash Makes People Fit

Chip Wilson talks about how the 2008 crash made people healthier. Enjoy this classic short clip and watch the full interview on Valuetainment. Subscribe for weekly videos

Full interview: Billionaire Entrepreneur Tells The Ugly Side of Running a Business:

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32 Comments on “Why Market Crash Makes People Fit”

  1. This is probably the SICKEST propaganda cover-up for the elite's biggest heist in history: QUADRILLIONS of dollars went from the tax payers to subsidize the rich. FACT. SICK SICK SICK.

  2. 2008 when black men starting wining the white women over because the white men when feminine going on the good old sun beds where is the best place to get skin cancer 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. This is a plain idiot observation, it's like saying Steve Jobs looked healthier 2 year before he died than 15 years before. Fitness is a whole, not a consequence with a price

  4. Dude with selective memory. lol The people he didn't noticed didn't get healthier after the market crash, but I guess he missed that. Apperntly the dude is unaware that for example chocolate market was booming after 2008 because most people, contrary to what he said, didn't go to gym they ate chocolate and smoked as coping mechanisms. What is this guy talking about. Are you seriously suggesting that when under stress majority of people are going to go to gym instead of eat chocolate or lit a cigar? Really? Where is this guy living lol. Delusional.

  5. I wonder how this scenario would affect the civilian firearms training industry? Hypothetically speaking at a time of panic, hysteria and asymmetrical warfare on the civilian population by global technocrats and sociopaths creating bioweapons for population control programs plus weaponized 5G…China has unleashed 60 Gigahertz on their population is that why people are getting sick? Just curious if there's a correlation.

  6. IN OTHER WORDS: the rich ROBBING you of QUADRILLIONS in the biggest transfer of wealth in history as a result of this manufactured crisis is GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH.

  7. This is bs. The sales of alcohol go up during hard times. It increased in 2008 as well. People may not go to bars as much to get a drink, but they were drinking! I’m not sure of the numbers for drugs, but if people drink more to cope, I doubt people would lessen how much they see their dealers. High end retail suffers during recessions, while big box stores do well in most areas. People still have to eat. Granted, it is more junk food as it’s less expensive.

  8. My father bought lands, farms, properties during market crash because he had savings and many people came to my father to sell their lands, farms, properties.

  9. Fitness is extremely important, we shouldn’t have to wait to hit rock bottom or something of that nature to realize it’s importance. Find time to workout when the going is good, and find time to repeat it when the going is bad. Thank you for another insightful interview?

    Questions for Patt. How uncomfortable is that chair. I’ve never seen you shift so much.

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