Why Moralists Are The Biggest Narcissists

Author Robert Greene talks about how moralizers are often the biggest narcissists. Enjoy this classic short clip and watch the full interview on Valuetainment. Subscribe for weekly videos

Full interview: Laws of Human Nature Dissected by Robert Greene:

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46 Comments on “Why Moralists Are The Biggest Narcissists”

  1. "Narcissist" is what leftists, statists, collectivists call you when you're interested in your own business rather than sticking your nose and your violent political prescriptions into everyone's else's business.

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  3. What a bunch of anti-christ bullshit. This is a perfect example of two narcissistic men attempting to justify their greed and greedy philosophical nonsense in life. Some of us absolutely have NO envy of the wicked. People like yourselves need to believe you are envied to perpetually promote your own egos. It's as the Word says "the wicked encourage one another to rebel against your righteousness and you allow them to live and so the wicked are encouraged by their flaunting"

  4. Narcissism by definition is the inflated sense of ego, the desire for excessive attention and the lack of empathy. Its similar to being a psychopath. Narcissistic people are the ones that tear people down to make themselves feel superior. It's not good at all. You really need to do more research before you talk about this subject. I'm a right wing libertarian and fully against the leftist victim mentality, but this is way off.

  5. I love you Patrick and Robert Greene and both of you are not narcissistic,i am evaluating you,yes both of you feel sometimes envy,jealousies but it does not follow that you are narcissistic,jealousy,envy are part of life for improvement and changes for good,accept all emotions in your life and use it for God's Greater Glory !

  6. I think Robert is a good man but whenever someone compares humans to animals (in this case chimpanzees) they’ve lost me. In fact anything to do with Darwinism loses me. I don’t believe we came from apes or whatever animal some scientists lead us to believe. I believe in creationism not evolution.

  7. If people are always talking about u, doesnt that make them narcissistic about u? If u never brag about yourself and dont mention the things u do to everyone, that makes u humble.

  8. Actually, narcissists are commonly the ones who fake work and claim accolades. Valutainment is lost in this. All you gotta know is we’re electing Bernie and taxing the fuck out of wallstreet since they dont contribute anything to society that justifies their scamming

  9. This is not what narcissism is. Another real psychiatric diagnosis is being hijacked and it's true meaning is lost. And suddenly everyone, especially those that disagree with you, becomes one.

  10. You should find a balans between being Social and ego. For my family or ingroup im only positive and supportive. In my business or politics i can be a psychopath to survive, but always im consious what the consequenses are of my actions.

  11. I can't agree with the statement that moralists have to be narcissists.
    It is true that most people get raised in an unhealthy and unresponsible way with no value for their own virtue. It is then very hard to break out of this cycle to form a healthy mindset, but not impossible. Once you formed objectivity, you will be inspired by others (instead of feeling envy) and can then use your ambition to create your own project according to the values you want to represent.

  12. Is there an afterlife?

    How do YOU tell right from wrong?

    Does justice exist?

    There is an eternal God sitting on his throne of judgement awaiting every soul that leaves this world. He is the standard of moral excellence and has provided us with a moral conscience and his word and commandments.
          We have greatly sinned against him and as he is holy and just must serve righteous judgment on those who are guilty.
        Because he is also rich in mercy and is the source of love he became a flesh and blood man walked among us and was crucified for the payment of the sins of mankind. Through his precious blood we can be forgiven and know God and be at peace with him.
       Repent of your sins, give your life to Jesus Christ and be forgiven and saved.
    The new age cannot replace God.
    He is eternal and is reaching out to you.
    May the Lord God bless you.

  13. Moralism and Narcissism. Is it unjustly tethered? Is morality subjective or objective? If objective, narcissism’s justified. If subjective, narcissism is egocentric. It’s about what we choose for our society, I say. Subjective morality leads to chaos. Objective morality, democratically elected, leads to order.

    Funny, because I think the most immoral and chaos-leading demographic right now are the “progressive” wing of the democratic inclination.

  14. So there is no opposite?
    Yes, everyone has narcassistic tendencies. But the difference is narcissists lack empathy. Within the first 1:15 I knew this guy wasn’t truly informed. I think what you have here is two narcs who love to hear THEMSELVES talk.
    If you want to really educate yourself on anarchism, watch Sam Vakna or the Little shaman. They tell it to you straight.

  15. The victim control dynamic — the real victim appears as the perpetrator and the fake victim is appears as the victim. Society sides with one who appears to be “the underdog.”

  16. Come to my part of the world, the moralizers are one a penny, belching out through all channels of communication while the helpless followers are hoodwinked n confused, about what is actually the elusive Truth.
    Mr Greene, I"ll share this on your tweeter timeline.
    I wish you best of health, wise man.

  17. What A NUT This teaching of Being an animal ! Is nonsense! Envy is an EMOTION That falls into the 10 commandments CALLED IDOLS! Dont have idols and you will lose those feelings !
    Dont COVET! Also
    These SO CALLED professors are nothing more then BRAIN BUTCHERS ! they KNOW NOTHING !

  18. narcissistic behavior is dangerous to the society .. a narcissist always creates a group of yes men and sycophants around him .. specifically a group which are chosen to admire and follow his path .. you know who did this .. Hitler himself .. and we all know how it ended up .. without challenging his behavior a narcissist can destroy the company society relationship etc . as he thinks all those who give him validation to his actions are doing so because he is on the right .. most end up in jail ..

  19. I completely relate and agree with this video. You don't have to be a narcissist to have narcissistic tendencies. Jordan Peterson explains it very well in his talk about the shadow (built on Jungian theory) which boils down to accepting that you can be evil, envious, greedy and so on. You are the same as everyone else in the world. What makes the difference is what you indulge and what you don't. Love your videos Patrick! You are really an inspiration!

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