Why Only A Few Succeed

How The Wrong Mentor Can Crush Your Dreams. Patrick Bet-David shares a story and discusses how everybody choses what lens they view the world in on a daily basis. Subscribe for weekly videos

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40 Comments on “Why Only A Few Succeed”

  1. So many great takeaways! Thank you for being an example of what's possible Pat.
    My favorite takeaway is this: Is my current lens producing the life that I want?

  2. Set your alarm to wake you up 10 mins early tomorrow. When it alarms wake yourself up brush your teeth have something hot to drink put on your headphones and watch this again…. THIS IS REALLY BIG!

  3. HELP!! Hi, I am designing a new Productivity Agenda to be printed for 2021. There was a really cool video you posted months ago about how to assess the Past Year (Productivity, Spirituality, Exercise, business, family, etc…). I wanted to put some of these approach on one of the first pages of the agenda, in order for people for starting doing that before starting planning what next in the upcoming year. I cannot find this video anymore. Can anybody suggests me the video title? Any help appreciated PS Pat you are the best 🙂

  4. Thx sir so mouch for this video and the last one befor where you speak about focus on one thing . This type of video makes my so sad that actually nobody teach me what you teach 🙂 and thx for that you are my father and big brother that I never have . You did not put any music on the Fundal and I cry I get so emotionally touch by your lesson ,you are my mentor . Badeway im 21 years old and I come from Romania 6 months ago in France to work in construction and can save some money and I get home every day at 8 pm and I get only 3 hours to read make some push-ups listen you, make a shower, cook, and eat befor I go to sleep because at 6 am I get ready to leave for work and you help my a lot with this videos . I will save all in my phones , I actually listen you in the car on the road to work . Thx

  5. To date the Bible has never been disproven. It has stood up to the test of scrutiny for thousands of years.
    It can be disputed but not disproven.
    Synthetic organic chemist's publicly stated that they have never been able to create a single living cell… Ever and it is not without a lot of trying.
    No, the God that created us revealed himself to his people Israel thousands of years ago and proved his extraordinary power by many signs and wonders. He is revealed in the Bible and if you are on the pursuit of truth your pursuit will lead you to him and ultimately to who you truly are.
    Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh and died for you to be saved.

  6. That is why I refuse to use social media actively ever. Started protecting my lens on Pinterest because that isn't social media where I am comparing with others I am just focusing on what I am doing.

  7. That's powerful! True that I easily fall victim to the wrong views I hear or see. Most people don't win and share their perspectives which doesn't help. Thank you!

  8. Great message Pat, I 100% agree with everything you are saying. If people have the right lens on the subconscious mind starts working in the background to make it real. I have a channel dedicated to reminding people of the strength they have! Right thought, right environment, and right action 👍

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  10. Hey Pat! I don't know what the costs are of different background setups, but the earlier ones added to your character with all the books, notes, display boards, illustrations, flowcharts, posters, fast cars (wink wink). This one is also nice with its Godfatherly theme but I think it would work only with existing subscribers..

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