Why Social Security is Broken – Explanation by Patrick Bet-David

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24 Comments on “Why Social Security is Broken – Explanation by Patrick Bet-David”

  1. But pat we wouldnt be in the shape we in as individuals, if the illegal federal income would go back to what it was designed for. We could save alot more money!

  2. The social security age to reap the benefits needs to be higher. But, just like Pat said, the voters aren't going to like that. Majority of the population that votes are +35. If only people picked and held stocks instead of wasting money on entertainment or drugs.

  3. Maybe the govt need to find a way to invest all the money they tax us instead of just spending it. Social security is technically our money they take out our check so i feel entitled

  4. You know, dont feel bad. Believe me this crap, the fuck. Just be normal. Pay your contribute to society. Don’t believe that crap about being rich. How about te be fucking normal. Do your shit. Thats all.

  5. Excellent presentation but you forgot to explain how so many developed countries in the world can afford to pay pensions while the US may soon not. First, the US spends hundreds of billions of dollars on military and war every single year. Second, crime is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. If we executed all the criminals (I am talking about the hardcore criminals, not a kid who got caught smoking an ounce of pot) and reduce military spending at least by half, we would save billions and billions of dollars. Your explanations are correct, but they are only part of the problem. As far as those of you who comment about the 'socialist systems' being inefficient, I assume you've never lived in a socialist country – in fact you've probably never set foot outside the US in your lives and are getting all your news from the local hillbilly television channels.

  6. Read about who took (stoled) your social security well. Ask about can we pay our debt’s with our Birth Certificates. Queen Elizabeth stoled our money and also the democrats

  7. What I wanna know is, what the heck happened to the belief of "Don't ask what your country can do for you…""? Way too many people are standing with their hand out in my opinion. It is a shame that social security even exists when the original expectation was that someone pays the FICA tax their whole working life and many people received zero benefit other than helping others out who lived longer than you. Seems like a life insurance policy almost.

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