Why the Italian Mafia Hated The Godfather Movie

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The Godfather – one of the greatest films of all time has many untold stories. Hear from the real life “Carlo” in this sit down between Patrick Bet-David and Gianni Russo . Subscribe to Valuetainment:

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About Gianni Russo:

Louis Giovanni “Gianni” Russo is an American actor and singer. He is best known for his role as Carlo Rizzi in The Godfather.

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Just wanna ask Mr. Russo a question:

Who approached him? Tattaglia or Barzini?

He said Mariol Brendo is Polish at 59:15 i never knew tha people always told me he's ancestry German and Irish

“Franky Boy” Gambino gunned down outside his home in NY. I think it’s time we shut down the MOB interviews.

fclp67 says:

35:47 why's he said that XD

I couldnt stop looking at that vase that looks like the champions league trophy

MrMartijo says:

Always buy an old guy a beer. There’s always a story waiting just for you if you know how to ask.

And no, don’t care if it’s true or not. A good story is about suspended belief.

On this interview you have to be careful what you post because this CAT mr. Russo is REAL. This is why mr bet David can interview people like him and also the reason why his company is so successful.

Why is my BS meter going off?

Overedited intro LOL

mauzzy says:

OMG i watched the whole thing on one breath …. INCREDIBLE !!!!

Rock says:

Zionist were and still are the biggest mob in NYC

"You touch my sister again, I'll kill ya!"

why do you want to give us a headache with this glitchy intro?

this  interview is better than the movie, learn a lot, thanks again

Another 🔥 interview

I wonder if any of them are into saltwater fish

Freaking awesome … !!!!

Chi Chan says:

I wonder what Gianni Russo's opinion on those anti-vaxxers is…

not sure if anyone of this generation will really ever have any good stories like this to share in 40-50 years haha

Man what an interview!

Best line ever: "I must've been poking her in the ear." The biggest revelation (there are a lot) is that the Bay of Pigs invasion was a deal between JFK and mob to return Cuba to the mob. Wow. This is one of the most jaw-dropping, funny and fascinating interviews ever. Oh, yeah, and the mob did JFK.

You got to answer for Santino, Carlo…

This is some crazy stuff! I want this book! Lol
Now… Is it crazy that this comes at the same time that Frank Cali gets whacked? Hmmmm….

The Wiseguy Forrest Gump

Horrible camera work, flashing crap.

Patrick seems to be struggling to follow his stories, he looks like he is faking interest with his face expressions at times…

Hacimoto says:

Hey Kid calm down a litte…

He was 16 when he slept with Marilyn Monroe? what a boss.

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